How our “campus-of-care” style helps retired couples grow old together

Many retired couples aging together find themselves in a difficult and potentially heartbreaking predicament when they discover that they require different levels of care. While one spouse may be able to support the other for a time, there are cases where living apart may be the only viable option. However, several of our retirement homes are built on a “campus-of-care” principle that can offer couples the opportunity to stay together despite different care needs. Here’s what you need to know!

an elderly couple holding hands

What is a campus-of-care?

Simply put, a campus-of-care is a retirement community that provides residents with varying levels of care in one convenient location. These communities allow couples to avoid the stress and heartbreak associated with seeking separate residences to accommodate their specific needs. They provide a pleasant way to stay together in your golden years.

Staying together comes with significant benefits

When retired couples are forced to live apart, both people may begin to feel socially isolated. Declining health, reduced mobility and the difficulty of arranging transportation for visits can make it hard to see each other as often as you’d like, which exacerbates the negative effects of isolation.

Sharing close accommodations at a campus-of-care retirement facility makes it possible to live together regardless of differences in care needs. It can also help prevent social isolation and provide several physical and mental health benefits, including:

Finding a home together is easier than you think!

At Retirement Concepts, it’s our mission to provide you and your spouse or partner with a safe, fun and vibrant place to call home while receiving the level of care and assistance you both deserve. Couples aging together can choose from several Retirement Concepts communities that are built on the campus-of-care concept, including:

Retirement Communities Across in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec

Are you looking for a retirement community that will give you and your spouse the opportunity to spend your golden years together despite different care needs? Call a community relations manager today to find out more about the location nearest to you, and discover why Retirement Concepts senior living homes are so nice to come home to!