Retirement Concepts offers long-term senior complex care in Alberta, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia.  For many people, there comes a time when independent living and assisted living services are no longer sufficient. In these cases, when around-the-clock services are needed, complex care is the best option. Also known as residential care, this is the highest level of care available in retirement communities.


What Is Complex Care?

Senior complex care or long-term care is for people who require intermediate care, extended care, dementia care, respite care, and palliative care. Long-term care services offer 24-hour professional supervision and care in a protective, homely, as well as supportive environment for people who have complex care needs and can no longer be cared for in their own homes or in an assisted living residence. There is a vast difference between an assisted living residence and a complex care. Complex care is ideal for people who are clinically complex, have multiple disabilities and/or complex medical conditions and require professional nursing care, monitoring and/or specialized skilled care.

A person may require 24-hour professional assistance for a variety of reasons:

  • Intermediate care. This service is intended for people who aren’t in critical condition but who also aren’t well enough to be on their own.
  • Extended care. This service seeks to address the medical and non-medical needs of people with chronic conditions that limit their ability to live independently.
  • Dementia care. This service is specialized for people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of cognitive impairment or memory loss.
  • Respite care. This service offers care for seniors recovering from a hospital visit or other health instance. It is also available if the caregiver/family member of the senior needs to be away for a period of time or wishes to have a trial period in our community.
  • Palliative care. This service is intended for people with a severe illness or life-threatening condition. The focus is to alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life.


Complex Care Eligibility Criteria

To live in a long-term complex care facility, seniors must be assessed by a physician to confirm that their current level of care is insufficient and poses a risk to their health.

It’s important to note that some provinces, such as British Columbia, offer publicly subsidized long-term residential care services for eligible seniors. Many complex care services can also be private pay.

Finally, veterans may be eligible for additional benefits and priority placement on a long-term care home waiting list. For more information, contact Veterans Affairs Canada.


Featured Services and Amenities

At Retirement Concepts, most of our rooms are private, nicely furnished and include a private bathroom. This provides residents with a quiet and comfortable space to host visitors or spend time alone.

Additionally, these rooms are grouped into communities with access to a dining room and lounge area, so residents have plenty of opportunity to socialize. Family, friends and pets are welcome to visit and encouraged to do so often.

Here are some other services and amenities that residents in a complex care community can expect:

  • Meals and housekeeping. Complex care residents receive three meals a day that are tailored to meet their specific dietary needs. Housekeeping is also provided to ensure every resident’s room is clean and comfortable.
  • Activities. A wide range of games, events and entertainment options are offered in each of these communities. We strive to make life in complex care joyful and lively. We also celebrate birthdays, holidays, changes of season and anniversaries.
  • Medication management. Many people who require constant care also have complex medication regimens. That’s why our highly trained staff closely monitors and manages each resident’s medication to make sure they’re treated properly and safely.
  • On-call nurse. To ensure residents’ medical needs are met, there is a nurse available around the clock. We also strive to ensure a consistent staff so residents get to know their caregivers and can develop a comfortable, trusting relationship with them.
  • Everyday help. Whether residents need help eating their meals, bathing or using the bathroom, our staff is available 24 hours a day. 

Caring for seniors is our calling. Our registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, care aides, dietary staff and housekeeping staff are dedicated to making sure residents truly feel at home and loved. Family, friends and pets are welcome to visit and encouraged to do so often. Communication with families on matters of care is most important, and Care Conferences are scheduled regularly or as needed.


Campus of Care

It’s common for couples to require different types of care as they get older. However, being forced to live apart in order to receive their respective care can be devastating. It can also take a toll on each person’s mental and physical health.

This is why many Retirement Concepts communities provide various levels of care all within the community. The model, referred to as campus of care, allows couples to stay together even if they have different care requirements.


Our Approach Towards Your Long-Term Care

Retirement Concepts believes in following the Team Care Approach. Our registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, care aides, dietary staff, and housekeeping staff are dedicated to making sure our residents truly feel at home and loved. We understand that the search for a long-term care service can be overwhelming. You can fully rely on our passionate team. We have some of the most hard-working people whom you can expect to see on a daily basis in one of our senior living communities.


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We are honoured to serve our residents, who have contributed so much to the world we live in, and who have led active and productive lives. It’s important to us that their lives in our complex care communities meet, and in fact, exceed the expectations we would want for our own parents.


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