In most Assisted Living buildings, residents live independently in comfortable apartments. They receive two meals a day (typically lunch and dinner), often a bistro breakfast snack and housekeeping is provided.

Assisted Living gives seniors (either single seniors, or those with spouses) the ability to continue to live independently even if they need help with some of the activities of daily living.

To live in Assisted Living, seniors must be self-directing of their own care and somewhat mobile. Use of a cane, walker or even wheelchair is permitted as long as the resident is able to transfer from the wheelchair to bed, chair, etc.

The great feature of Assisted Living is that residents are able to receive assistance with some of the activities of daily living. That could be help with medications, bathing or showering, or even dressing and undressing.

Have lunch and stay awhile and visit with some of our residents, who will let you know how they feel about life in Assisted Living.

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