Assisted Living gives seniors (either single seniors, or those with spouses) the ability to continue to live independently even if they need help with some of their daily activities. Whether you are looking to accommodate a loved one, or are ready to take the next step forward in your own life journey, Retirement Concepts is ready to help with thoughtfully delivered senior assisted living services. Our compassionate team is dedicated to improving seniors’ quality of life with comprehensive features, including additional amenities such as complex care for seniors.


To live in Assisted Living, seniors must be self-directing of their own care and somewhat mobile. Use of a cane, walker or even wheelchair is permitted as long as the resident is able to transfer from the wheelchair to bed, chair, etc. So as to ensure that all residents glean the full advantage of their assisted living experience, those receiving care must also meet the following requirements:

  • Residents are in need of both personal care assistance including matters such as bathing, dressing, and medication oversight
  • Are in need of hospitality services including features like housekeeping, laundry, and meal arrangements
  • Are capable of making decisions regarding personal safety and welfare, or cohabitate with a spouse who can make these decisions

By ensuring that those receiving assisted living meet the above criteria, we make sure that care is given to those who see the most benefit from these helpful services.


Meals & Housekeeping
In most Assisted Living buildings, residents live independently in comfortable apartments. They receive two meals a day (typically lunch and dinner) and often a bistro breakfast snack. Housekeeping is provided to help manage tasks around the home which may otherwise pose a challenge.

Personal Care Services
The great part of Assisted Living is that residents are able to receive support with some of the activities of daily living. This could entail assistance with the administering of medications, help dressing and undressing, as well as assistance with bathing, showering, and overall hygiene. In-house laundering services ensure that residents are comfortable and always have clean towels and linens.

Games & Entertainment
Featuring numerous games, events, and entertainment options, residents are able to participate in a wide range of recreational activities, seminars and outings. These amusements include everything from music to games, crafts to planned activities and a plethora of clubs!

Safety-Focused Approach
Through a balanced approach to care, we focus on the whole person, facilitating mental and physical wellbeing, as well as overall safety. With a 24/7 emergency response system, we ensure the security of all residents, adding reassurance with prompt reaction to all issues.

To discover more about our high-quality amenities come visit and stay awhile. Have lunch and chat with some of our residents who will let you know how they feel about life in Assisted Living.


In order to facilitate optimal care, and ensure the protection and wellbeing of those receiving services, the Community Care Assisted Living Act sets forth standards for all assisted living residences. Pursuant to this Act, the registrar is responsible for numerous considerations, including:

  • Ensuring the proper, timely registration of residents in private and subsidized assisted living arrangements
  • Diligent administration regarding the health and safety of residents receiving care
  • Investigating any complaints with respect to the health and safety of residents receiving assisted living services
  • Inspecting the premises should any concern arise regarding health and safety standards of the facility  

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Choose compassionately delivered care, provided by helpful professionals who are dedicated to your safety and comfort.  Retirement Concepts is committed to treating all residents with the utmost respect, doing everything possible to make this exciting next step as rewarding for you as possible. Contact us to schedule your visit, and see for yourself how thoughtfully provided care can improve your quality of life. If you have any further questions, fill our online form and we will happily respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.