Have a look at what some of our residents and their loved ones have to say about their experiences at their local Retirement Concepts community. With locations all across Western Canada and Quebec, it’s easy to see why we are so nice to come home to.

Notes of Thanks

The Wellesley, Victoria, BC – March 2021
“My mother has had to move from The Wellesley into Long Term Care.  Her time at Wellesley was wonderful for her and all the staff helped keep her safe and comfortable as long as was possible.  We all wish she could have continued on there and I especially am thankful for all the front desk staff who were so kind and considerate when they called to tell me she had fallen and was taken to the hospital. They also were so pleasant when I phoned for any reason and immediately helped me sort whatever little issue we had which would have been a big issue in her life.

Connie had wonderful vegetarian meals when I visited and they always gave my mother extra whipped cream which made her feel special. The dining room servers were always so cheerful and kind and where else do you hear happy banter between staff and even singing in the hallways. That indicated to me that the staff were happy in their workplace.

Thank you for the care she received from all of her family.”

Millrise Place, Calgary, AB –  2020
“I am writing you today to express my gratitude for the outstanding care and comfort that my mother, Mae Shea, was given by the staff at Millrise Place over the past six (6) years! Mom is currently in the South Calgary Hospital and is awaiting to be discharged to a Long-Term Care bed.

As soon as one walks in the front door at Millrise, they are greeted by the smiling and cheerful face of Linda. Linda is always so pleasant and willing to offer whatever assistance she can provide no matter what the issue. In my opinion, I recognize the importance of having the right individual making that first impression to the public at large for a Corporation. Linda certainly is that person!

As busy as Ashley Homme is as the General Manager of Millrise, she always made time to listen to any comments or answer any questions that I or my family might have had. She was always cheerful and very pleasant to interact with. I would also like to acknowledge a previous General Manager at Millrise who is no longer with your organization. Some 6 years ago I was introduced to a Ms. Colleen Baxter who, like Ashley, was simply outstanding. She too went out of her way to ensure that my mom was receiving the best possible care possible.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge all the folks in the Wellness Room (Doreen and her team). Their care and overall concern for my mom’s well being was simply outstanding! I would also like to acknowledge the doctor that is assigned to the medical care of the Millrise residents. Dr. Jaspir Bedi was outstanding in every regard and went the extra mile (sometimes 10 miles!) to ensure that my mother had the best medical care possible.
Best Regards,
Michael S.

White Rock Seniors Village, 2019
We are so honoured to have received this letter from the Mayor of White Rock regarding our “Generational Mashup Event” on May 21, 2019. Read the letter from the Mayor right here:

Letter from the Mayor

Peace Portal Seniors Village, 2019
“Our Dad was in care at Peace Portal during nearly all of 2019. I looked carefully at complex care facilities in Surrey/White Rock, when Dad ‘s Alzheimer’s was worsening, and he was near nearing the end of the time he could stay at home, even with caregivers. No facility compared with Peace Portal in quality, and I knew I had found the place for Dad. Since I had worked years ago in care facilities, I knew what I was looking for.

Without exception, every staff member at Peace Portal was unusually capable. All were kind, patient, thoughtful and professional with every resident, including when I know Dad could be a challenge. Since I had to travel a distance from our home, where nothing comparable was available, and usually could only make weekend visits, I needed high confidence in the care facility, and my expectations were always greatly exceeded. Dad received wonderful comfort care in his last weeks at Peace Portal. Again, my family and I would strongly recommend Peace Portal to anyone looking for memory care or complex care for their family member.
–Allison H.”

Comox Valley Seniors Village, 2019
“We are writing this email as a way of expressing our profound gratitude and sincere appreciation for the outstanding care Mary (Lolly) Wood received from your staff. The compassion given and the loving environment created by your professionals allowed our mother to maintain the good humour and easy smile she’d had all her life.

Lolly lived eighty-five years and enjoyed every one of those years including the last, spent in Wing 1D of the Comox Valley Seniors Village. We believe this is in large part due to the professionalism of your staff. Their kind and loving care provided many joyful moments for our mother.

It is our assumption that your team of dedicated professionals is well treated by Retirement Concepts allowing them to continue to provide such important services to other families’ loved ones. Please pass on our appreciation to your staff on behalf of the family of Mary (Lolly) Robb Wood.
With many thanks, sincerely”
–Susan, Andrew and Irene Wood

Nanaimo Seniors Village, 2019
“Transitioning into assisted living can be challenging on many levels. Anik and the team at NSV have been supportive, compassionate, and caring in welcoming our father to their property, and he couldn’t be more happy to start this new phase in his life at NSV. Thank you!”
-Val K.

Millrise Seniors Village, 2019
“I don’t have the words to express how much I appreciate the extra attention and care my mom has received from those wonderful women (and Sam and Jesse too) – particularly since she cannot pull herself up. They are angels to her. Both Merlinda and Del (perhaps others) have been taking her to the bathroom in the evening in the wheelchair and that has been helpful to my mom because she is so weak and hardly has the strength to walk with her walker, even supported…It is so hard on her, and she constantly worries about the extra care the wonderful nurses and aids provide because she is completely dependent on them.

I know you know, I am a fan of so many of the staff – but I have to give particular mention to Haide and Merlinda. Speaking of angels, they have been that to my mom recently. The past couple of weeks when I’ve been visiting my mom, it seems they have been working those nights and caring for my mom – they are amazing. Their kindness, care and efficiency is unsurpassed, in my opinion. They have worked together and my mother loves them and so do I. I just wanted you to know – they are exceptional. I’ve been trying to visit my mom every other day – so I’ve seen them a lot lately – and I am so grateful and impressed and overwhelmed at their talent for nursing and caring – and just the fact they are wonderful people. My mom has said to me – “there is just something about Haide”. “I feel so reassured when she is around”. I heard my mother say to Merlinda the other night, when she was helping her in the bathroom, “You are so good at your job! You are so wonderful”. (Direct quote)…”
-Liz Grossick

Williams Lake Senior Village, 2019
“I just wanted to let you know how the care aids and nurses have meant to me since Janet was in their care from January 21, 2018 to April 1, 2019.  Each one of them showed great compassion and true caring for Jan.  I have had several conversations with a few of the care aids and nurses and a few conversations with some others but each one was sympathetic and understanding.  Numerous times I have thought that a special type of person is required to do both jobs and maintain that element of caring.  Some of the nurses I am thinking of are Prabh Kaur, Prabhjot, Raman, and Shea and some of the care aids are Nikita, Lorna, Julie, Tina and Sherry.  The problem with listing names is forgetting one or two so if I forgot any names I apologize to those people because there wasn’t anybody presently in the Chilcotin Wing who didn’t show Janet love and compassion.  Thank you.”
– Harvey Brown

Guildford Senior’s Village, 2019

“To all the nurses, management, and staff at Guildford Senior’s Village,
On behalf of Joe, Antonio, Tracey and our entire family, we thank you for taking such great care of our mother Graciela (Grace) Hernandez McPhee for the 2 years and 3 ½ months that she was a resident at Guildford Senior’s Village. Every time we visited our mother, she seemed happy and content with her surroundings. All of you genuinely care about all the residents. We also appreciate the compassion you showed Grace. You made our mother and us feel that we were part of the Guildford Senior’s Village family. Special people like you make the world a brighter place.”
– Sincerely, Antonio & Tracey

Peace Portal Seniors Village, 2019
“After being fully independent my mother needed full-time care and I was unable to be there. Peace Portal Seniors Village was the first to respond to my request for help, even on a weekend. Jamie MacDonald and the staff were instrumental in my mother’s recovery. They’re both professional and caring attitude could not have been better. I would highly recommend this residence to anyone.”
– Beth Koenig

Rosemary Heights Senior Village, 2019
“For the last ten (10) years our Mother has been a resident of Rosemary Heights Senior’s Village. Her residency has been a wonderful and joyful experience for her and for our Family. Just knowing that she was in a safe, clean and friendly environment was such a blessing for us. The care and kindness she experienced during her 10 years as a resident there has been so positive and uplifting. Our Mom is restricted in her movements due to medical issues and she was treated so respectfully when there were occasions she wasn’t able to attend meals in the dining room; a meal was always provided for her if she so desired. Her general overall health improved during her stay because of the care she received on an ongoing basis. The staff at Rosemary Heights were so kind, courteous and professional. Our Mom is very outgoing and cultivated several lifelong friendships and she thoroughly enjoyed the many activities provided there to entertain the residents. We know she will greatly miss the residents and staff there and moving our Mom was a decision we didn’t take lightly. With all of our immediate Family relocating to Vancouver Island it just made sense that she should also make the move there as well.
This move for our Mom was made possible by the generous assistance provided to us by Ms. Maggie Amirani, General Manager of Rosemary Heights Senior’s Village and Ms. Pamela Speakman, Manager Assisted & Independent Living and Ms. Anik Boudreault Community Relations Manager. Together your efforts culminated in our Mom’s easy transition into Nanaimo’s Senior Village for which we are forever grateful. We feel confident knowing that the exceptional care and concern our Mom experienced on the Mainland will be the same in her new facility. On behalf of our Mother, Mrs. Barbara Fuller and my Family I wish to personally express my sincere appreciation and thanks to Ms. Maggie Amirani for ten years of exceptional care. We look forward to having the same wonderful relationships with Ms. Speakman and Ms. Boudreault.
Kindest regards,
–Carrie V. and family”


Resident Testimonials

“I have been checking in with my Dad every day since I left and I cannot express how much better his quality of life is already! Langley Seniors Village was exactly the right place for him.”
– Lisa B.

“To begin with I had a bad fall in my kitchen. I woke and laughed when I found myself on the floor. I realized from that day I was ready to get help. I got a walker. That was the beginning. I knew of 3 different senior’s homes. I thought that being near to my relatives was the best decision. I am not sorry I chose this place. The people are great helpers. The food is great (thank goodness no more cooking!) I love the service and people providing help.”
–Bernice Radloff, Maple Ridge Seniors Village

“I have been able to spend some weeks at the Guildford Seniors Village during the past year as a respite resident.  It’s one of the best places around for respite care. Well-located in the downtown part of Guildford, it’s a clean and secure environment with delicious meals, excellent staff, and lots of good recreational choices.

My first two-week stay was in August 2018 when I was beginning to recuperate from an aneurysm/stroke I had in November 2017. At that time, I could not do much by myself so relied on the capable and loving care given to me by everyone at the Village.

My second visit was in December 2018 before Christmas.  On this visit, I was able to sit on the side of the bed for a short period and feed myself with my left hand only. I was still quite needy for assistance to bathe and dress.  I was taken in a wheelchair to meals and other events. Staff were always happy to help me whether it be bathing, dressing, or taking me to recreation activities. I felt very lucky to be in my ‘home away from home’.

My third visit to the Guildford Seniors Village was in April 2019. After seven months of physiotherapy, I had improved considerably. I was now in a walker, feeding myself, and dressing myself. However, I am 88 and still need assistance with some daily activities. The Village has been the perfect place for me at all stages of my recovery.”
– Mary Mills, Guildford Seniors Village

“I feel so lucky to be living in a place that has everything that I could wish for. Such a great group of people that work here, teamwork is very obvious.
The food is very good with alternate choices and friendly waiters. Recreation staff go out of their way to include everyone in any events. We both lived in Oliver B. C. Vivian my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2006 so the need for more care for was obvious. The wife and I moved here in 2012 after we could see that retirement Concepts in Summerland had such a long waiting list.
We lived together in this suite while working with Fraser health to have her in residential care ( that part was the hardest on me and my family ) but a room came available in 2016 where she was taken care of until she passed away October 2017.
I was so grateful to have her taken care of the way they did with me in the same building so I could visit whenever. She was in residential care for 15 months.”
–J. D. Gunn, Maple Ridge Seniors Village

“Companionship, housekeeping, meals activities, air-conditioned suites, nurse-served medication. Housekeeping: Making bed, laundry, bathroom. New, just 10 years old, landscaped yard. Just about the best location – close to town. 24/7 nurse care. Live entertainment often. Around the clock coffee access. There is a theatre, library and exercise facility. Final words:
–Claude Parenteau, Maple Ridge Seniors Village


Handwritten Notes of Thanks



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