Senior Living: The health benefits of having an active social life!

Group of senior looking funny videos on a digital device

Spending time with friends and family members is vitally important during our senior years. Especially when isolation can become a very real problem due to mobility issues, health complications and more. Studies have shown that seniors who socialize within their retirement communities actually experience better physical and emotional health overall! At Retirement Concepts, our senior living communities and residences across Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia offer a rich diversity of unique programs and events that help keep our residents active, happy and social!

Here’s a breakdown of the major health benefits of keeping socially active:

Physical Benefits of Socializing

Emotional Benefits of Socializing

Preventing Social Isolation

Social isolation can, unfortunately, be quite common among seniors. It’s caused by various factors, such as a lack of transportation, being on a fixed income, difficulty moving around or travelling, and overall declining health. Plus, some seniors don’t have family or friends living nearby who are able to visit regularly. At each of our retirement communities, our residents can find plenty of activities to stay active or social that will also meet their unique care needs.

Socially isolated seniors are at a higher risk of health problems including depression and cognitive decline. Fortunately, there are many opportunities provided in our senior housing communities to help our residents overcome isolation, including but not limited to the following prospects:

1. Volunteering. Volunteers are always needed. You can look into donating your free time to fundraisers and charity events to see if you can lend a hand and make some new connections in the community!

2. Clubs. Many of our senior living communities and have free clubs pertaining to a wide range of interests, from books to crafts to sports and more. If you want to venture beyond, nearby libraries and community centres also host activity and club nights!

3. Events. Take advantage of the events and games nights organized by your retirement community. We are always coming up with new and fresh ideas!

4. Hobbies. Find something you enjoy doing or making. Some of our residences have community shared gardens or host hobby nights. You’ll be surprised at how it leads you to likeminded people and you might find something new that you like to do!

5. Seniors’ transportation. There are many free shuttles and discounted transportation services designed specifically for seniors. This means you can easily get to places and events where you can meet and mingle with others.

6. Pets. If you’re able, having a pet that needs to be walked and cared for will get you out and about. You’ll automatically bond with the other pet owners you run into.

7. Fitness classes. Joining a fitness class is a double win: it’ll keep you physically fit and you’ll be with others who share your goals.

At Retirement Concepts, keeping people happy and connected is important to us. Contact us today to speak with one of our Community Relations Managers to learn more about your nearest Retirement Concepts community and schedule a tour!