Homes For Retirement in BC


Welcome to the RC Community!

Most of our communities and homes for retirement were designed specifically with seniors in mind. Retirement Concepts Developments, the development arm of Retirement Concepts (our parent company) utilizes an architectural and design philosophy that considers all aspects of seniors and their needs. That begins with the exterior design of the buildings and goes right through into areas that cannot be seen but are of ultimate importance in maintaining safety and comfort.

We look at such things as access points, wide hallways with hand rails and colour coding for easy reference. We understand that seniors need dining room chairs that are easy to move. In our lounges and lobbies we search for furniture that provides support and is comfortable. We are constantly researching the latest in care technologies and strategies, as well as attractive and comforting décor, that make our homes for retirement feel like those left behind.

We also try to take into consideration some of the lifestyles people are leaving behind when they move into one of our homes for retirement, so we have added such things as fish ponds, greenhouses, gardening plots, walking trails, rooftop gardens, and one of our communities even has a putting green.

Landscaping and building maintenance are very important to us. As our communities develop, it’s obvious that much thought and consideration has been put into landscaping and garden design for our homes for retirement. Lovely trees, hedges, lawns and gardens are carefully maintained. Safety is all important, so building maintenance is a huge priority for us, including such things as fire and smoke alarms and emergency call systems.

Most of our communities are less than 20 years old and many were built in the past ten years. Those communities we have acquired are modified, renovated and brought, as much as possible, to Retirement Concepts standards for homes for retirement.

We know the location is important, so where possible, we have chosen sites that offer access to a variety of services: – close to clinics, labs, shopping, theatres, restaurants, and parks. Most of our homes for retirement have their own bus for the added convenience of residents who no longer drive, and who wish to get out on a regular basis.

The sense of community and freedom with Retirement Concepts is simply unsurpassed!

Your home is awaiting you at your local Retirement Concepts community.

We would love to have you visit one of our homes for retirement!