Our Seniors Stay Socially Connected By Participating in Clubs or Activities

When moving to one of our retirement communities, you’ll be provided with plenty of opportunities for making new friends and developing new interests and hobbies. Without work, kids or a home to take care of, you’ll find yourself with more free time on your hands—it’s the perfect time to take advantage and learn something new or rekindle an old hobby that you haven’t had the time for. This opening in your schedule is also an opportunity to join one of our locations’ many clubs or group activities. If you do so, you’ll have something special to look forward to every day and develop new relationships with the people around you and deepen your bond with those you already know.

Senior residents at a Retirement Concepts community having fun!

The Benefits of Staying Socially Active as a Senior

Staying active socially as you age is just as important as remaining physically active for your overall health and well-being. Joining clubs and groups is a great way to maintain a healthy social life. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get to enjoy:

Make New Friends and Discover New Hobbies

Social withdrawal or social isolation can lead to several health-related issues like high blood pressure. It can also contribute to declining cognitive skills, which increases the risk of dementia. Moving into a retirement home can be a difficult adjustment to make for some people, especially if the move coincides with mobility issues and declining health. Luckily, people who live in our retirement homes often have greater access to clubs and groups that allow them to meet new people and stay active.

If you already have a hobby, look for a group of like-minded individuals. If not, join a group that interests you, even if you’ve never tried the activity before. Here are just a few of the activities, groups and clubs that may be offered at one of the many Retirement Concepts homes for seniors in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec. Check out a location near you to find the full list of available activities!

Senior Living Communities Across British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec

Each of our retirement homes offers many activities, clubs and groups that allow residents to stay connected socially. Contact the location closest to you to discover what unique opportunities are offered or if you’d like to schedule a tour with one of our Community Relations Managers!  They will be more than happy give you a tour of our communities, and take you out for coffee in one of our exclusive Bistros to answer any questions you may have.