Senior Living: The Benefits of Volunteering

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Over many years at Retirement Concepts, we’ve witnessed first-hand that seniors have so much to offer their communities. Decades of accumulated experience results in most retirees having a ton of knowledge, expertise and experience that they can share. In fact, we’ve found that participating in volunteer opportunities not only enriches the lives of older adults but that this engagement enriches their communities as well.

Have you considered sharing your skills and knowledge as a volunteer for an organization or cause that’s important to you? Here are a few key benefits if you decide to do so!

You’ll enhance your social life

By volunteering, you’ll meet new people who share your interests and values. You may even end up connecting with people from different backgrounds and age groups who you never would have met otherwise. Volunteering is a great way to make new friends, network with the locals and build healthy intergeneration connections. 

You’ll stay sharp

Whether your expertise is in marketing, cooking, carpentry, finance or technology, you undoubtedly have a skill, talent or ability that you can share with the members of your community. Teaching others is a great way to sharpen your own skillset and remain mentally acute. You can check in with community centers or volunteer networks that can provide information about connecting you with opportunities in your local community that match your skillset. 

You’ll learn new things

Don’t worry if you want to explore something new! Volunteers are typically provided with some degree of training to do the work required. They may also volunteer in groups with others who can show them the ropes. Given this, volunteers are likely to improve their skills in some areas or learn to do entirely new things.

You’ll be able to support causes you care about

There are many volunteer opportunities in your community that exist to aid with a variety of causes. You can work with an organization that does research on an illness, that helps the less fortunate, works with local youth, aids abandoned animals or gets involved in sporting, religious or cultural events. For example, senior volunteers have been seen as:

Whatever cause you choose, there’s a wonderful feeling that comes from knowing your work is helping others and that you’re an important contributor to the local community.

Retirement Living in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec

Retirement Concepts offers opportunities for seniors wanting to connect to volunteer programs and encourages all its residents to get involved in their local community. If your vision of senior living is one where you actively give back to your community and the world, give us a call today.