UPDATE ON COVID-19 – Tuesday, March 31, 2020


To all Family Members:

During this challenging period, the staff at Dufferin Care Center want to thank the family members of our residents for their patience and understanding.

Status Update

All residents are being monitored closely and their care needs are being met in the best manner possible.

At this time, all of the original 8 residents who were in contact with COVID-19 remain symptom-free.

With respect to the broader group of residents, in the past 24 hours, four swabs have been sent to the BCCDC for analysis – and out of an abundance of caution, four residents have been placed in isolation and where they are being closely monitored. The respective families have been notified and will be updated when test results come back.


We continue to communicate with all families via e-mail and place phone calls to family members of the eight directly impacted residents – on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s. We will also be doing so with the four residents who are in isolation.

Should there be any change in the status of other residents, families will be updated immediately.

We continue to post daily updates on the Retirement Concepts Website and Facebook Page.

Lockdown at Dufferin Care Centre

 The community remains on mandatory lockdown as per the Order of the Medical Health Officer.

We are following Dr. Bonnie Henry’s order to stop sharing staff between facilities.



Today we are again staffed adequately, and everyone is working as a team to ensure the best care possible during this time.


We continue to monitor our supplies closely. Once again, we wish to express our thanks to families who have donated thermometers to us. We are grateful for your generosity.


Our staff continue to show tremendous dedication and commitment in caring for our residents.