UPDATE ON COVID-19 – Saturday, April 4th, 2020




To all Family Members:

During this difficult time, the staff at Dufferin Care Center want to thank the families of residents for their ongoing patience, cooperation and understanding

Status Update

All residents are being monitored closely and their care needs are being met in the best manner possible.

At this time, all of the original 8 residents who were in contact with COVID-19 remain symptom free and will remain in isolation.

The three COVID+ residents continue to display symptoms such as cough and hoarse voice but NO fever.

We continue to monitor all of our residents – and as directed by FHA, if any resident is symptomatic, they are swabbed for testing, placed in isolation, and their family is notified.

Two dietary aides remain in self isolation and we are monitoring staff members closely.


We continue to communicate with all families via daily e-mail and place phone calls to family members of the three COVID+ residents daily.

If there are any changes in other residents,  families will be updated immediately.

We continue to post daily updates on the Retirement Concepts Website and Facebook Page.

Lockdown at Dufferin Care Centre 

The community remains on mandatory lockdown as per the Order of the Medical Health Officer.

We are following Dr. Bonnie Henry’s order to stop sharing staff between facilities. 


Today we are staffed adequately in CARE and Laundry Departments. However, we are currently short-staffed in Housekeeping and Dietary and Recreation departments. Recruitment for these departments is underway, but has been unsuccessful thus far. As a result, we have made the decision to outsource our meals to our closest sister-site, Guildford Seniors Village, beginning next week. Please note that we will be taking every possible precaution and details regarding this initiative will be provided in our daily updates.

All refreshments, coffee, tea, dessert and nourishments will continue to be prepared on site.


We continue to monitor our supplies closely and are working with FHA and Corporate Office to ensure we have adequate supplies.


Our staff continue to show tremendous dedication and commitment in caring for our residents.