Summer is gone, the leaves or coming out on the trees and October is upon us with the chilly weather.

Just the perfect time to head south, biking in Italy or on a cruise.

Now is the perfect time for Seniors to take and trip and enjoy warmer weather in other locations. A few tips to keep in mind when travelling:

When at a hotel: Never place the “Clean Room” sign on your door. This is a perfect opportunity for someone to know you are not their before the cleaner get in. Instead, call the from desk and let them know you are leaving, that someone may go in and clean the room.

When eating: Watch what you eat! When eating in different locations you can tend to have a more sensitive tummy. Some medications also do not react well to certain types of foods. Be sure to check with you Dr. if certain foods should be on your radar.

When wearing Jewellery: Do not wear too much bling! Keep to a minimum. Wearing expensive watches, rings, fancy cameras can make you a target for thieves.

Get Insurance: When travelling, there are many different pitfalls of taking an adventure. Falls, being hurt or getting sick in another country are all possible mishaps. Be sure to have some good travel insurance before you go!

Medication: Be sure to have ample supply of your medications. There is no way to know if there is a delay in returning or dropping them in the ocean! Always have a good supply and store it in two separate locations.

Walking Shoes: Make sure to have the right walking shoes. In some locations there are off balance rough stones, uneven areas or crazy hills. Be sure to have well worked into shoes for comfort and ease of your travels.

Keep friends or family informed: Inform friends, family or even the concierge what your plans are for the day. Let them know when they should expect you back and keep a cell phone in case of emergency!

Enjoy the Fall Weather and take a Vacation!