The Wellesley resident, John, looks for three things when he is thinking about his culinary choices. FLAVOUR, NUTRITION AND VARIETY!

He says that “The Wellesley meals are the best. Above all they have the flavour and everything I am looking for”.

His Mother was a professional chef when he was growing up. He always had delicious and nutritious variety, even if money was scare during the depression and wartimes.

John also ate this way during his 37 year career as a behavioral science consultant to companies such as Imperial Oil, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific Railways and the Federal Government.

He ate at the finest hotels while traveling on business. Now in post retirement, he lives at The Wellesley where he experiences the same quality of dining at every meal. John exclaims, ” Its’ like being on a cruise, every meal has great flavour, nutritious and three or four choices on the menu. If you need another option, residents can order something to their preferences and tastes prepared with the same level of care and quality.” John has decided he will not take a cruise this year as he has it all at The Wellesley.

Come in and see the team at the Wellesley for more information. Meet Connie, our wonderful Chef who drives it all in the Kitchen with her incredible creations.