Statement on COVID-19

December 2020

A message from James Liebenberg

Since taking on the role of President, West Coast Seniors Management late last Spring, I have led a great team that has managed a number of Covid 19 Outbreaks.

Covid 19 protocols are determined by the Health Authorities within which our Communities are located and the measures are very strict, so as to protect residents, their families as well as our staff.  Some of the measures we take include:

-Staff are temperature screened before entrance to the building and midway through their shift

-Social distancing occurs among residents

-There is appropriate use of personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, and in the use of individual slings.  During an Outbreak, our staff are educated before every shift in how to put on, take off and perform job functions while wearing personal protective gear.

-There is ongoing environmental cleaning and increased frequency of high touch surface cleaning

-Staff and residents wash hands with soap and water, and apply hand sanitizer regularly.  Before each shift, our staff are educated on the importance of hand hygiene.

– All staff and residents are tested for Covid 19 as the Health Authority directs.

-Unfortunately, visitations are cancelled for all residents during Outbreaks, but this protects everyone.  We do our best to facilitate online visitations, as they are so helpful to residents and families.

-We adapt our operations as necessary and as recommended by health authorities

-We communicate with all families via email on a daily basis by phone, email and by Facebook posts.

I hope this communication indicates to you how seriously we take our responsibility caring for the seniors who have contributed so much to our communities.

We hope that we will very soon all look back at Covid 19 as a memory, but until that time we will remain steadfast and diligent in our consistent approach to prevent or contain this illness from affecting our staff as well as our residents.


James Liebenberg