Hello everyone,                                                                                                                                               October 28, 2020

We hope everyone is enjoying the blustery Fall weather.  NSV updates:

A Note from Our Social Worker Anna Martin: Elections Canada was here for 3 days and because of the incredible teamwork we were able to actively support this important process. Many of the people living in the Village took the time to place their vote and we even had some staff stop by. A big thank you to the Recreation team for coming together to show their support and enthusiasm throughout this fast paced election.

Designated Visitors:

As a reminder, smoking is not permitted anywhere on the NSV property.

If you are the Designated Visitor for anyone in Long Term Care:

****After your visit you will exit the LTC facility by entering 1199#

For family wanting to visit loved ones in the Assisted Living please contact Reception A/L 250-760-2321.

Visits are be set up for one designated family member at a time following this process:


There will be no changes for families wanting to visit loved ones in Palliative Care.

Concerns can be sent directly to the General Manager who will assist you with resolution. tdouglas@retirementconcepts.com



Thank you everyone and stay safe,