Hello everyone,                                                                                                                                               October 14th, 2020

Thanksgiving dinner on Monday was a hit.   There was a lot of positive feedback from our Residents.   Our culinary team will did an amazing job cooking up a wonderful Thanksgiving feast!

Flu shots will become available in early November.  More information will follow for all residents and staff.

Monthly calendars for Long term care recreation will be reinstated for the month of November.  For Assisted Living and Independent Living we are recruiting Recreation Staff with a class 4 license so that we can look at resuming bus trips.  (Bus trips will be approved as long as we can follow all CoVid protocols as set out by Island Health)


A note from our Social Worker

Elections Canada will be setting up polling stations at Nanaimo Seniors’ Village, all voters will need to provide picture identification.  Polling Stations will be set up as follows:

Highgate Residents Monday, October 19th – Highgate Residents will be screened and will use the side door closest to the Dover meeting room, Elections Canada will have the polling stations all set up.

Long Term Care Residents, Tuesday October 20th – LTC Residents will be assisted to the Dover Room to cast their vote.  Alternatively anyone who requires bed to bed voting is asked to contact Anna Martin at ext 2304

Assisted Living Residents, Wednesday October 21 – Assisted Living Residents can cast their vote this day in the Dover Room.

****Please note that polling stations are for Residents and Nanaimo Seniors’ Village staff only.

Designated Visitors:

As a reminder, smoking is not permitted anywhere on the NSV property.  Please note that should we be experiencing inclement weather you will be directed to the Residents room for the visit.

If you are the Designated Visitor for anyone in Long Term Care:

****After your visit you will exit the LTC facility by entering 1199#

For family wanting to visit loved ones in the Assisted Living please contact Reception A/L 250-760-2321.

Visits are be set up for one designated family member at a time following this process:


There will be no changes for families wanting to visit loved ones in Palliative Care.

Concerns can be sent directly to the General Manager who will assist you with resolution. tdouglas@retirementconcepts.com