Hello everyone,                                                                                                                                               October 6th, 2020


We are pleased to advise that our New Recreation Manager Amy Kivell is working on building full capacity with the staff in our Recreation Department for all three sites in our retirement community.  You will see significant changes and additions to the team over the next few weeks as we recruit for a Recreation Therapist who will support the team with recreation assessment and care planning.

We have been actively seeking a Registered Dietician for LTC and are on the brink of recruiting an excellent candidate.  There will be more to follow as soon as the required documentation is in place.

Our New Assistant Director of Care Gene Neufeld is working with the Clinical Care Team.  Gene will be facilitating Point Click Care training next week with new members of our LTC nursing team.  The Director of Care Monaliza has assigned all of our LTC residents with a Primary Nurse.  These assignments will be emailed to families in LTC over the next few days.

A note from our Social Worker

Elections Canada has been in touch and will be setting up polling stations *Date to Be Announced* If your loved one is not registered to vote, opportunity will be given the day of the vote. No one will be turned away. I am working with the Recreation department to set up clear direction on how we will help support those requiring assistance to get to the polling stations. Bedside voting is also option that will be offered.

2 officials from Elections Canada will be on hand to set up the polling station and assist with traffic control and sanitization. I hope to receive posters and more details soon and will share the updates as they arrive. Stay safe and take good care, Anna

****Please note that polling stations are for residents only.

Designated Visitors:

As a reminder, smoking is not permitted anywhere on the NSV property.  Please note that should we be experiencing inclement weather you will be directed to the Residents room for the visit.

If you are the Designated Visitor for anyone in Long Term Care:

****After your visit you will exit the LTC facility by entering 1199#

For family wanting to visit loved ones in the Assisted Living please contact Reception A/L 250-760-2321.

Visits are be set up for one designated family member at a time following this process:


There will be no changes for families wanting to visit loved ones in Palliative Care.

Concerns can be sent directly to the General Manager who will assist you with resolution. tdouglas@retirementconcepts.com


Facetime/skype sessions for out of town please contact nsvrecreation@retirementconcepts.com