Hello everyone,

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy!

We are happy to report once again that NO RESIDENTS or STAFF are presenting COVID-19 signs or symptoms at Nanaimo Seniors Village. However, we recognize that this is an anxious time for you and your families, and we hope that by sending out these bi-weekly updates, we can provide some reassurance to you on the care of your loved-one.

Should the status of Nanaimo Seniors Village change in any respect, please know that we will immediately contact families.

We would like to share the following update with you all:

We are very pleased to show you the windows at the Nanaimo Senior Village.  Our teams in the Assisted Living,  Independent Living and Long-Term Care Communities decided to share in the ” Hearts in the Window Movement.  – Images attached 

Our recreational Therapy department received beautiful plants donated by a family which were planted in our 1st floor courtyard for everybody to enjoy. 

There will be a special Mexican menu to celebrate Cinco De Mayo day on Tuesday May 5th for all of the Residents. 

On Mother’s Day we will be presenting a flower to all our female residents to celebrate.  Please note the following announcement from Island Health regarding Mother’s day:

“In consultation with infection control and medical health officer, it was determined, accepting floral arrangements would be appropriate provided they meet typical facility and organizational policy regarding scents. Cards are also acceptable.”


We are following the direction of our public health officials to the letter and have full infection prevention and control precautions in place. Staff continue to monitor residents closely and are ensuring the following protocols are being adhered to:

 Recreation Program

The Recreation staff are staying in touch with each resident and providing activities to their room or floors to help keep resident minds sharp.  Again, please remind and motivate your loved ones to participate in these different activities.

To the extent staff are able to facilitate Facetime and Skype for residents they are doing so, amidst their other duties.  Please reach out to our Recreation Team by email  nsvrecreation@retirementconcepts.com  or call us at: 250-760-2616 to set up a schedule. We will be happy to confirm a date and time to connect you with your loved-one.

Deliveries and Drop-offs

All deliveries will be received at the front desk. This includes groceries, medications, gifts. All will be sanitized and delivered directly to the resident’s suites.

Dropping items off: We would ask that families please follow these guidelines as I am sure you want your parent or loved one to get their deliveries in a timely manner.

  1. Please use plastic bags, no reusable bags
  2. Make sure to label all bags with resident name and room number
  3. Try to limit drop offs to essential items. There are days when staff are overwhelmed trying to keep up
  4. Please sanitize, if possible, the items before dropping off. We will re-sanitize as well to be safe

 Reminders for your loved one to Stay Safe:

Again, the following four points are so critical to discuss with your loved ones. Please help us by reminding each resident daily of the following four items:

  1. Practice social distancing (6 feet apart)
  2. Perform proper Hand Hygiene (Wash hands frequently for 20 seconds with the alcohol-based sanitizer or soap and hot water) 20 second or greater is so important.
  3. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  4. If exhibiting any symptoms (fever, cough and difficulty breathing) please alert staff immediately.

 Thank You

We want to thank everyone for their cooperation and patience during this difficult period.