Retirement Home Living

It is a hard process to start thinking about your aging parent needing a new place to live. It could be they need more care or require to be in a safe environment. Where do you start?

  1. The first place you may wish to reach out to is your local health authority for an assessment. It is important to know what type of care your Mother or Father would need.
  2. Our parents have been making decisions all their lives and it is very important to have them a part of the decision making process for the choosing of a seniors residence as well. Making sure they like the social aspects, food choices and room options are all very important aspects to your parents home. Let them be a part of it.
  3. Know the budget. There are many options to seniors residences from independent living, assisted living and complex care to campus’ of care. All different price ranges. What would be the best for your parent?
  4. Have a tour or two. Tour three or more communities. Find the right one! The only way to know, is to tour.  See how the residents are, activities and even try a meal.

This will be their next home and it is essential to find the right seniors community for your parent. For more information you can always reach out to one of our Marketing Managers at one of our local community’s.