Independent vs Assisted Senior Living: Understanding the Differences

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When seeking out and researching the perfect retirement community, it can be overwhelming attempting to figure out exactly what level of care is right for you or your loved one. Some people would be happiest in an independent living facility, while others could benefit from living in an assisted living residence. Throughout our communities, Retirement Concepts provides different levels of care at our residences, from independent to complex. But what is the difference between the first two levels of care and when is it the right time to recognise that a little help could be beneficial? Keep reading for a breakdown of the key differences to help guide your choice.

Senior Independent Living – Embracing Freedom

This type of senior living provides a gentle transition from residing in the family home or house to entering your own apartment within a senior community. Most people who select this style of living find that looking after the family home has become challenging, with yard work and house maintenance sometimes being beyond their changing physical capabilities.

Independent living is great for those who are capable of doing most things themselves, with the added reassurance that there is help available 24-7 should they need it in an emergency such as a fall or other accident. Independent living offers many great features, including:

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Senior Assisted Living – A Little Help Goes a Long Way

This middle level of care is for those who need assistance with some, but not all, of their daily routine. Residents live comfortably in the privacy of their own apartments while receiving help with the more challenging aspects of their daily routines.

Those with walkers and wheelchairs are welcome if they’re capable of getting in and out of bed on their own. Assistance is given according to the individual needs of the resident. We also recognize that there are senior couples who require different levels of care and this allows them to continue to live together even if one requires more additional assistance than the other. Some things you can expect in Assisted Living are:

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Find Out Why We’re So Nice to Come Home To

Finding the right level of care in a compassionate, enriching and positive senior community is an important decision for you and your family. The team at Retirement Concepts is more than happy to guide you through the process. Our community relations managers will be happy to discuss all your questions, give you a guided tour and take you out for coffee at one of our on-site bistros. Contact us today to get started!