Heart Month: Heart-Healthy Activities for Seniors!

heart health month 2020

A strong heart is at the centre of everything we do and affects all aspects of our lives, both physically and mentally. Since February is Heart Month in Canada, so we are taking this opportunity to discuss cardiovascular health, and what can be done to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Although seniors are generally at a higher risk for heart disease than other age groups, there are a number of ways to decrease the chances of developing health problems involving the heart.

Helping Prevent Heart Disease As We Age

Along with eating right and making healthy lifestyle choices, physical activity is one of the most important parts of keeping your heart beating strong. Not only does exercise reduce stress, but it also helps alleviate depression, helps manage high blood pressure, and combats obesity–all of which are good for your heart! Fortunately, there are many safe activities for seniors that can get your blood pumping and encourage socialization at the same time. 

Easy Lifestyle Changes That Are Healthy and Fun!

Our retirement communities provide plenty of opportunities for you to get moving. A minimum of 30 minutes per day of exercise or activity is recommended. It’s actually much easier to integrate into your life than you may think. Here are some heart-friendly activities for you to try.


  1. Start dancing. Musicians often perform at senior living communities. Everyone gathers together to dance and socialize. This popular type of event is a great way to get active and make friends. Even those with less mobility can benefit from these inclusive musical acts, by clapping, singing along and just enjoying the show. Listening to music has also been shown to have a profoundly therapeutic effect.


  1. Join a walking or exercise group. Most communities have grounds and gardens that are great places to take a stroll. These are walker and wheelchair friendly, so everyone can get fresh air and exercise. Try joining a walking or exercise group to stay motivated. There are also modern seated exercise programs available.


  1. Get a pet. If you’re able, having an animal companion will encourage you to be more mobile. If you adopt a dog, you’ll need to take it for walks. If you adopt a cat, playing with it can help keep you spry. There’s nothing like having a four-legged family member to keep you active. More importantly, you’ll gain a devoted friend.


  1. Play games. Participating in games combines having fun, with socializing and getting exercise. Billiards and other recreational activities are offered in our senior housing facilities. Have a look at the list of events in your residence to see what team-oriented activities are taking place.


  1. Getting outside and in touch with the earth and sun is important for people of all mobility levels. Gardening is natural exercise allowing you to enjoy nature and create something beautiful. It engages muscles and builds strength while lowering stress.


At Retirement Concepts, we’re always finding new ways to encourage physical activity for our residents. Contact us today to discover what events we have planned to keep you active and heart-smart!