Hello Family Members & Guildford Seniors Village Community:  A Year In Review: Gratitude

In an unprecedented year of uncertainties, we feel so gratuitous for having a safe and healthy community. We are honoured to have been able to continue to support each resident & you throughout of this global pandemic. We are delighted to see each of you in different walks in life and excited for what 2021 will bring to our community.  I wish you a wonderful and peaceful New Year!

Warm regards,

Camila Nunes, General Manager


A Message from Director of Care 

We are very pleased & grateful that our community remains healthy & that enhanced monitoring of Guildford Seniors Village is completed as of December 25th.

Congratulations to our team & collaboration with community members, family and loved ones, for keeping our residents safe, for keeping yourselves protected, and for your perseverance during this difficult time.

We will continue to do what we do best:  we will continue to take precautions for the safety of our residents and each other.

Thank you for all that you do in support,

Genevieve BSN, RN, GNC(C) | Director of Care


On behalf of all of us in Guildford Seniors Village, we take a moment to wish you health, happiness & new positive adventures in 2021.

As we reflect on 2020, it is with awe and rising to challenges in what we have learned, and what we have discovered most meaningful.  We have been extremely thankful in vigilance and taking day by day to treasure a healthy community in 2020, and celebrate each life journey.  Yet, our hearts go out to each whose loved ones’ journey’s have transitioned in 2020, the challenges that you have each overcome in an extremely trying year, and the wellbeing that you each strive for.  It is our honour to care for your loved one, and we treasure the collaborative focus that enhances life enrichment & community impact.



Thanks to the continued good health and strict following of protocols, we are able to continue visitations.  Please consider a lobby window visit experience instead of entering lobby area.


For Virtual Visits, we kindly ask if any individuals using FaceTime would be willing to switch to Skype for call with resident –  we would appreciate if you could let us know:

Gsv-familyvisits@retirementconcepts.com     604-582-0808 ext. 203


To make an appointment for visitation with a resident by phone call, video call (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime), in-person or *lobby window* visit, please contact:

Gsv-familyvisits@retirementconcepts.com     604-582-0808 ext. 203     Preparation & Visit details will be shared with you.


To Send A Message or Photos to Your Loved One:  (feel welcome to send mail via Canada Post- we do sanitize before delivery to resident)

recreation-gsv@retirementconcepts.com and we will be pleased to deliver to your loved one.

The Incredible Therapeutic Recreation Team  who coordinate & welcome Resident Visitors



Strict compliance measures to all protocols remain in Guildford Seniors Village, following the direction of our public health officials, including preventative & enhanced infection control, monitoring residents’ & staffs’ health closely, and visitor designations.

Deliveries: kindly press the button at the speaker (to your left) to inform our team if you’ve delivered an item in the lobby vestibule. Please label your delivery with resident name, and we will ensure sanitizing and delivery to loved one.  For resident safety, kindly refrain from passing items via windows as we must carefully sanitize all.  Thank you.

Regarding Outside Food and Gifts

If you are being extra cautious on behalf of your loved one’s safety & to maximize infection controlplease follow Fraser Health recommendations as noted below.

If we can put another layer of precaution for our residents and ourselves, we can keep the virus at bay for as long as we can. 

Essential Services include:



Chef Desi prepared a fish filet with pineapple sauce that was delicious- amongst exciting home cooked entrees in our Winter Menu.  Alternates include rice, mashed potatoes and gravy, eggs.

Daily lunch soup feature is comforting year round, but especially during this season.

Therapeutic Recreation

It has been a privilege to welcome Designated, Lobby Window and Virtual Visits throughout  this year, and we thank you for your patience & support as we have adapted to new protocols together and in creating purpose, community and sense of belonging in new ways.  Today and tomorrow, residents welcome virtual musical groups and raise a glass in cheer to 2020 shifting into 2021.

Happy New Year from our home to yours!

THANK YOU students for sharing your kindness & talent with us! 

We love to admire your work.


Family Council Zoom & Teleconference Meetings   Save The Date!

January 21, 2021  3:30 – 4:30pm   &  February 18, 2021   3:30 – 4:30pm

Featuring Aging Well Education presented by educators from BC Alzheimers Society:   Part 1 & 2  “Understanding Dementia & Behaviour Tips / Resources”

We are honoured to welcome their expertise, and especially valuable for loved ones & caregivers.

To RSVP, please email sbarr@retirementconcepts.com or call 604-582-0808 ext 125, and we will send you a direct invite.

A Family Council provides families and friends of residents with a way to support one another as caregivers.

It’s a place to gather, share information, while being involved in helping to improve quality of life of the residents living within Guildford Seniors Village.


Staying Connected:  Tools For Your Success – It’s Our Speciality! 

Excellent Resources

 https://alzheimer.ca/bc/en and our First Link® Dementia Helpline at 1-800-936-6033 (Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm).


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What are families saying about us?

We celebrate 11x 5 star reviews, which make our team extremely proud & we THANK you for your incredible feedback!

We wish you joyfulness, gratitude, & positive reflection as we say Farewell to 2020

& embrace 2021 with deepest wishes for health excellence and positive unfolding.


Your continued safety and health excellence is vital, please continue to take great care!

 From All of Us in Guildford Seniors Village!