Hello Family Members & Guildford Seniors Village Community, we continue in good health and creating a loving community for your loved one and their care.

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A Message From Director of Care

Remaining vigilant in infection control, and with flu season approaching, we have received vaccinations for residents & staff, and will host our Flu Vaccine Clinic October 29th.

Nurses continue to reach out to family decision makers for consents.  Family Decision Makers – please feel welcome to contact the Nurses at 604-582-0808 followed by extension: First Floor ext 150 /   Second Floor 205,  to share your consent as soon as possible. Thank you!

Keeping healthy is our top priority.



Strict compliance measures to all protocols remain unchanged in Guildford Seniors Village, following the direction of our public health officials, including preventative & enhanced infection control, monitoring residents’ & staffs’ health closely, and visitor designations.

Deliveries: kindly press the button at the speaker (to your left) to inform our team if you’ve delivered an item in the lobby vestibule. Please label your delivery with resident name, and we will ensure sanitizing and delivery to loved one.  For resident safety, kindly refrain from passing items via windows as we must sanitize all.  Thank you.

Essential Services include:


Designated Visitor protocols continue, please contact as per below to make your arrangement to provide support and wellbeing to your loved one.

As has been the case since July, each resident or alternate decision maker, may designate one designated family/support person who are essential to maintaining physical and emotional health.

To book appointments for in-person, video, or phone call visits, please use the following contact information:

604-582-0808 extension 203



We continue to book in-person visits every two weeks.  Family members/friends are encouraged to book a video or phone call appointment on the alternate week.

Our deep hope is to be able to increase the frequency of in-person visits as we make modifications to our scheduling and staffing. Thank you all for your support and patience as we continue this protocol.


Great news for family who are not the designated visitor!

A GIANT-SIZE thank you to Gary, Maintenance Manager,  for building a lobby window-visit station for us!   We are still putting the finishing touches on it with an intercom system, but in the meantime, visitors can use their own phones to speak to residents. In cases where the designated visitor will be coming at the same time as the window visitor, we will divide the time into 2-15 minutes sessions (15 minutes for each visitor).

For regular in-person visits with the designated visitor, we will continue to book for 20 minute time slots.

We also have opened a limited number of late (after dinner) appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays.



One Designated Visitor Or new *Lobby Window Visitor:             

To Schedule a visit, email: recreation-gsv@retirementconcepts.com  or call 604-582-0808 ext. 203.   Preparation & Visit details will be shared with you.


Compassionate Visitation:

If your loved one is transitioning in their life journey, our Clinical Care Team will reach out to you to arrange visitation & specific protocols.


Arrange a Social Phone Call or Facetime Visit:

email: recreation-gsv@retirementconcepts.com  or call 604-582-0808 ext. 203


To Send A Message or Photos to Your Loved One:

email: recreation-gsv@retirementconcepts.com and we will be pleased to deliver to your loved one.

(feel welcome to send mail via Canada Post- we do sanitize before delivery to resident)


Compliments & Queries:

please contact General Manager, Camila Nunes  cnunes@retirementconcepts.com   604-582-0808 ext. 103


Family Council Returns Virtually!

Interested in attending a Family Council Meeting?  A Family Council provides families and friends of residents with a way to support one another as caregivers. It’s a place to gather, share information, while being involved in helping to improve quality of life of the residents living within Guildford Seniors Village


Save The DateWe resume Family Council Meetings “Virtually”, on October 22 at 3:00pm to 4:00pm.  An invitation & agenda have been emailed to you to register. We look forward to discussion!  Please call if you would like to register or have any questions  604-582-0808 ext 125.


Dining Experiences are Resident’s Choice

Did you know last week was Food Service Worker Week?  We cherish the culinary team, their expertise, passion for residents’ well-being and joy through dining. Our home cooked menu within four Neighborhood Dining Rooms, offers variety and Resident’s Choice favourites.  The final touches are being added to upcoming Winter Menu…stay tuned!

Incredible Individuals Who Impact Resident Well Being Through A Nutritional ExperienceAman, Leads the Culinary, Housekeeping & Laundry Team Extraordinaire


We shine a light on the domains of purpose and meaning we strive to create: social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual.

Each monthly Recreation Calendar is inspired by current resident interests. Our monthly Resident Council embraces resident opinions, preferences and wishes, an excellent way to focus on solutions and gain wisdom and feedback.  Enjoy the beautiful stained glass that is creating ‘light’ on these darker autumn days for all to enjoy.

Oct 27th; we dress up to create Halloween Spirit for all in GSV community.  Next week photos should be very entertaining.

Last year, RCA Beatrice hand-made beautiful Minnie Mouse Ears for each individual in her Neighborhood. Oh what fun.  The smiles!

Acts of kindness is what creates community- Thank you Beatrice. Your talent and caring makes an imprint on those in your care, peace in trust and comfort. THANK YOU.


Oct 30th: our team will dress in all things PINK, in support of breast cancer awareness.



We share our heartfelt thoughts to those who have lost loved ones in 2020. Our hearts are with you.


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Wishing Each of You Wellness & JOY from All of Us in Guildford Seniors Village!