Guildford Seniors Village – Update 3 June 2020

Happy Seniors Week everyone! May we all create an act of kindness this week for an elder in our lives – cherish, respect and add JOY to another’s life. Simply put, to survive life, one needs great strength, perseverance, humour, hope and effort for a life that is meaningful and with purpose. We all know a senior who deserves a show of respect or would appreciate another’s kindness in taking time to care – not only June 1 through 8th but, every day!


Guildford Seniors Village continues to be healthy due to a team commitment to adhering to protocols to prevent COVID -19 from entering our community, as noted in May 30th Update.

We continue to adhere to strict compliance to the direction of our public health officials, preventative & enhanced infection control, monitoring residents & staffs’ health closely, as well as remaining closed to ALL visitors, with the exception of essential service providers

Update from Dietitian:  Despite the challenges that we are currently experiencing as a province with Covid-19, GSV has done very well in continuing to keep its’ Residents well-nourished.  Recent data collected by GSV’s Dietitian show that the Residents’ weight status has been consistent, and no new wounds have been reported-and-overall wounds continue to remain low. Kudos to the Care Team!


Dining Room

Our Summer Menu will be launched mid-June. Residents enjoy service of home cooked dining of breakfast, lunch and dinner within each of our four Neighborhood dining rooms, as well as a snack trolley room service available afternoon and evenings. We are looking forward to GSV’s Ice Cream Truck Service coming soon!  Some days, it truly feels like summer with good weather, however hard to predict. Ice Cream is a taste of summer- rain or shine!


Did you know it is Seniors Week June 1 to 8?  We look forward to celebrating all seniors this week, and every day!

As of June 1st, we have created a program calendar supporting the domains of social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual. We hope these can create purpose, joy and meaning for small groups of residents within our 4 Neighborhoods.

We continue with one-to-one visits and connecting residents with loved one with social calls, Facetime and/or Skype visits; please contact 604-582-0808 ext. 203 or email recreation-gsv@retirementconcepts.com to place your request.

If you would like to send a message or photos to your loved ones, kindly email recreation-gsv@retirementconcepts.com



Please feel welcome to drop off items for your loved one (cards, crossword puzzles, flowers in vase, specific supplies if requested by Care Team) in our lobby vestibule, however do press the speaker buzzer (to your left) to inform our team, as we will ensure sanitizing and delivery to loved one. Please no food items for residents. Thank you!


Are you thinking of ways to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, June 21?  It could be a thank you to a Father or Father-like Mentor in your life who has made a difference or inspired you in some way!

Thank you, Cindy for the beautiful handmade masks you created for our community, designs for both for men and women. Also, for the message of comfort and strength:

“I am writing today to thank everyone involved in caring for and supporting the residents at Guildford Seniors Village. Our Mom has resided there now for several years and I have always felt the kindness and compassion of everyone involved in her care. The COVID19 situation must complicate everything for the people who work at Guildford Seniors; it certainly does for the families of your residents. Continued communication with families who are so disconnected from their loved ones is appreciated more than I can say…Thank you so much.  Please look after yourselves even as you care for our family members.”

Our message to you all is likewise…please look after yourselves, until we meet again!