Guildford Seniors Village – Update 24 June 2020

Welcome to our Wednesday Weekly Update, both in emails to family and posted on our website. We cherish a healthy community, all residents and essential service providers.

A Message from Guildford Seniors Village’s Dietitian:  Nutrition and Your Immune System

As we collectively manage through this time of the Covid-19 crisis, it becomes increasingly important to focus on what we have control of to keep ourselves and families safe.

To keep your immune system strong – exercise, good sleep, hygiene and nutrition are crucial. Our immune systems protect us from exposure to toxic substances in the air we breathe and in the water that we drink, and also from infectious substances, including bacteria and viruses.

A nutritious diet: one with much variety and nutrient density (nutrient rich per calorie) is fundamental to good health. Some important details to consider regarding maintaining immune system health specifically is:

A successful strategy for avoiding both episodic and chronic low energy intake – and subsequently low blood sugar levels, is to time your meals in a way that matches your energy requirements. So, when you are physically active or mentally engaged in a task, make sure to reach for a healthy snack such as a piece of fruit, Greek yogurt, a sandwich, etc.… to keep fuelling your brain and your muscles and maintain your immune system health.


We continue to adhere to strict compliance measures under the direction of our public health officials, including preventative & enhanced infection control, monitoring residents’ & staffs’ health closely, and visitor restrictions.

As we are closed to visitors, we encourage you to connect with your loved ones via phone, Facetime or Skype by emailing recreation-gsv@retirementconcepts.com  or call 604-582-0808 ext. 203, in order to arrange a scheduled date and time.

Also, please feel welcome to send messages or photos to your loved ones by emailing  recreation-gsv@retirementconcepts.com and we will be pleased to deliver to your loved one.


#GSVDadsRule Sunday, June 21 Father’s Day featured a special lunch menu of beef sliders (alternate veggie), sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo dip, and triple chocolate truffle cake. Celebrations continued with Dinner Menu featuring a traditional roast (with veggie alternative) and all the trimmings.  A special Dad’s Snack Trolley made rounds through each of the four neighborhoods


Kindly press the button at the speaker (to your left) to inform our team if you’ve delivered an item in the lobby vestibule. Please do label your delivery with resident name, and we will ensure sanitizing and delivery to loved one. Please no food items for residents. Thank you!


Our extended community involves many special essential service providers, including Nurses, Care Aides, Recreation Programmers, Scheduler, Admin, Housekeepers and Laundry Support, Dining Team, Occupational Therapist, and Foot Care. We strive to collaborate in safety, skill and caring – all with residents’ safety & comforts top of mind.  We miss Volunteers and also our Fur Friends who during pre COVID  times, were regular visitors in our community, outreach programs that create support and superb therapeutic benefits.

This week we feature a few extended community members… fur-family members of residents and their loved ones in the #RCSpotlightMeet Murphy & Max. Their ‘grandmother’ lives in GSV.  What adventures & stories to share about their life living on a sailboat with Mom!  Also, meet Bruno, family of Community Relations Manager, who has visited residents pre-COVID times, gentle, subdued, and aware of his ‘mission’ while visiting & being cuddled by residents.

If you would like to share your pet photos, we welcome you to email us (with pet name & a brief description ) to sbarr@retirementconcepts.com.

From All of Us in Guildford Seniors Village, we wish each of you continued good health, and we hope our message brings light and a smile to you.