Dear Guildford Seniors Village Community,

We have enjoyed welcoming you as you visit your loved ones, Care Conference and Family Council Zoom Meetings!

Our collaboration is vital & respected for our mutual priority of each Resident’s optimal well being.

We continue vigilance in infection control and celebrate that no resident has experienced Covid to-date.

Thank you each of you for continued collaboration.


On August 12, 2021 the Provincial Health Officer [PHO] announced the requirement for anyone working at a long-term care, seniors’ assisted living or provincial mental health facility to be vaccinated by October 12, 2021 as a condition of employment with Retirement Concepts all employees are required to follow the PHO’s Orders.






*Please see below for your Vaccine Passport, integral to social visits to LTC.



Seniors living in Guildford Seniors Village are able to register to vote on site,  on Monday September 20, 2021,  10am to 1pm in the Recreation Room on 2nd Floor.


If you are a resident decision-maker, please contact Brittany, Therapeutic Recreation Manager by 3pm Wednesday September 15, 2021 to register your Resident living in GSV, by emailing bthurgate@retirementconcepts.com

We will extend the voting window if there is a high enough demand from residents, and we have received some voting cards in the mail.




Protocols as per Health Authority remain in effect. We remain vigilant & united.






*Register your Vaccine Passport – please provide proof when you sign in at Guildford Seniors Village




Every Tuesday Gail & St. John’s Therapy Pet Extraordinaire, Molly,

visit Best Friends living in Guildford Seniors Village.  THANK YOU!


PLANNING YOUR LOVED ONE’S OUTING: a walk, an appointment

Please contact Nurses 24 hours in advance minimum to plan your Resident outing, for Care Team to prepare your loved one for outing, with respectful attention to each individual’s well-being, medication & nourishment.

Call:  604-582-0808

First Floor ext 150;  Second Floor ext 205 / 250



We are preparing a Fall / Winter Menu…stay tuned!

Silver Spoons Committee requested favourites such as salmon & pasta – and recently enjoyed, as per wishes.  The Silver Spoons meet monthly as part of productive monthly Resident Council Meetings. Senior’s voices matter every day & Resident Council is just one aspect of sharing meaningful discussion.



Stay in the Know!   Our Recreation Calendars showcase programs that reflect current interests and JOY.   We are inclusive & celebrate seniors every day.

Virtual Visits are offered to non-local family only, as team is focused on quality programs for all residents.  Consider bringing your ipad or phone and plan virtual family meetings in loved one’s suite!

Some other great Visit Ideas are:

Listen to music

Review family photo albums or photos on your ipad

Bring your pet for a visit

Hand massage

Play a game or read letters or favourite books

Watch a movie together

Bring a sketch pad and draw

Play Jeopardy, trivia, spelling bee or crossword together

Create a Family Tree

Just ‘being’ together = the best gift = the gift of time

Feel welcome to email your questions,  photos or letters for our One-To-One Program to Recreation Team at recreation-gsv@retirementconcepts.com.


Individuals living in Guildford Seniors Village inspire all of us!

Fun is Ageless!

“Beautiful” is a life-like therapy cat who meows, purrs and moves.

Life-like therapy pets can create meaningful connection & are therapeutic ‘best friends’.

Have you considered a therapy pet for your loved one?  (Is Christmas 3.5 months away?)

You may like to see this link for consideration




Oct 21   3:30pm – 4:30pm

Know Our Neighbor- NexGen Hearing Consultants  

AGING WELL EDUCATION:  ‘Hearing Hot Topics Q & A, mobile service for your loved one.

Meet the Leadership Team for Department Updates & as a Resource for your support.

To RSVP, please email Sandra Barr sbarr@retirementconcepts.com or call 604-582-0808 ext 125 to receive your Zoom Meeting link.


 Hello Guildford Seniors Village Families & Decision-Makers … does this remind you of anything?


Learn, Laugh & Stay in the Know by following us on Social Media: tips & highlights for successful inspired living.


Resources – Tools For Your Success

Canada Revenue Agency and Service Canada are please to offer the following joint live webinars.

Seniors Benefits and Credits Presentation

Doing your taxes has its benefits! Benefits, credits and deductions you could be eligible for are the Disability Tax Credit, GST/HST credit, medical expenses, Canada caregiver credit and pension income splitting. Other government departments also use your tax information to calculate your payments, such as the guaranteed income supplement. If you do your taxes after the filing deadline, your payments could be delayed. What are the OAS/GIS/CPP pensions? How do you find benefits? Tips on communicating with Service Canada and other common benefits.

Click here to register for Tuesday September 28, 2021 at 1:30pm Pacific Daylight Time


Persons with Disabilities Presentation

Benefits and credits available to you! If you live with a disability or have a dependent with a disability, there are benefits and tax credits available to you and the people who support you. Some of the benefits and credits to which you may be eligible for are the Disability tax credit, medical expenses, Canada caregiver credit, and the Child disability benefit. What do you need to know as you get older and transition from disability payments to pensions? Tips on getting the most from your interactions with Service Canada. What is the RDSP and where can you learn more? How to find benefits that may be available to you.

Click here to register for Thursday October 28, 2021 at 1:30pm Pacific Daylight Time


Do You Have Questions about Supportive Housing Options for Your Loved One?

Please feel welcome to contact Sandra Barr at Guildford Seniors Village for consult in understanding and resources.   604-580-4283  sbarr@retirementconcepts.com

“I would like to thank you for taking the time to talk to me about the different types and levels of care available for my In-Laws.  I really appreciate your expertise in this field, and for your understanding and compassion for everyone involved. 

The resources you sent me are very valuable and useful.  It certainly has helped me in researching the different Seniors Housing and care.  I came to you with no prior experience nor had I ever set foot in a Retirement Home. 

Guildford Seniors Village certainly is a multicultural and loving community of care, with what I saw through the tour with you throughout the Village.  I would definitely recommend Guildford Seniors Village to anyone who needs a 24 hour care for their loved ones or for themselves.

I will definitely contact you if my loved ones need the 24 hour care, or even for myself should the need arrive.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your guidance, knowledge, and expert advise.




Wishing you JOY & health excellence,

from All of Us in Guildford Seniors Village