Dear Residents’ Family,  Friends,  Decision-Makers and Guildford Community,


I am writing to provide today’s update on a Covid-19 exposure.

One of our staff has been contact-traced for Covid-19 exposure. Upon notifying us, the employee was requested to have a Covid-19 test done and to self-isolate.

Results indicate a positive Covid result.  The employee continues in isolation as per Health Authority Protocols, with daily communications from Guildford Seniors Village team.


Enhanced monitoring continues, with 1st Floor Neighborhoods,  Maple & Dogwood, on full droplet precaution in Guildford Seniors Village.

1st Floor Neighborhood Protocols implemented in compliance with health authority & Public Health are as follows:


Our focus is on each resident and the continued high level care and safety of our community.


All inquiries in regards to virtual visitation (i.e Skype, Zoom, Facetime & phone calls) or email your message to your loved one, please contact the Recreation Department:

gsv-familyvisits@retirementconcepts.com  or 604-582-0808 ext 203.


If you have any questions regards to the health of your family member, please call our RNs @ 604-582 0808 ext. 250.

If any other assistance, please contact our social worker:  Veronica  gloriousliving2020@yahoo.com or 604-582- 0808 ext 104.


Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.

Camila Nunes, General Manager & Genevieve Pelaez, Director of Care



Strict compliance measures to all protocols remain in Guildford Seniors Village, following the direction of our public health officials, including preventative & enhanced infection control, monitoring residents’ & staffs’ health closely, and visitor designations.

Deliveries: kindly press the button at the speaker (to your left) to inform our team if you’ve delivered an item in the lobby vestibule. Please label your delivery with resident name, and we will ensure sanitizing and delivery to loved one.  For resident safety, kindly refrain from passing items via windows as we must carefully sanitize all.  Thank you.

Essential Services include:


Rosewood & Arbutus Neighborhood Dining Rooms welcoming full service home cooked dining & Snack Trolley.

Please note Dogwood & Maple Neighborhood Dining Rooms are currently closed, and room service of home cooked Winter Menu & Snacks Trolley is in effect.


Family Council Zoom & Teleconference Meetings   Save The Date!

January 21, 2021   3:30 – 4:30pm & February 18, 2021   3:30 – 4:30pm

Featuring Aging Well Education presented by educators from BC Alzheimers Society:   Part 1 & 2 “Understanding Dementia & Behaviour Tips / Resources”

We are honoured to welcome their expertise, and especially valuable for loved ones & caregivers.

To RSVP, please email sbarr@retirementconcepts.com or call 604-582-0808 ext 125, and we will send you a direct invite.

A Family Council provides families and friends of residents with a way to support one another as caregivers.

It’s a place to gather, share information, while being involved in helping to improve quality of life of the residents living within Guildford Seniors Village.


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Your continued safety and health excellence is vital!  Please continue to take special care.

From All of Us in Guildford Seniors Village