To all Family Members and Friends of Dufferin Care Centre,


As you may be aware, some areas of the province might experience temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above seasonal in the coming few days. These extreme heat events can trigger a variety of heat-related illnesses. Older adults are especially sensitive to the health effects of heat, particularly those with pre-existing conditions or who take certain medications. Please ensure residents/ tenants have a way to stay cool and offer frequent drinks/ water all through the day; this is the best way to prevent heat-related illnesses and sunburns.


Be Bear Aware: We have had two sightings of bears within the last week. Please ensure you are aware of your surroundings. We know a few families will have picnics in the parking lot or near by areas, please ensure you don’t leave any food or drinks as it will attract the bears.


We continue to screen any family member that comes into the community. To request a Day Outing, or visitation times/dates email this address dcc-familyvisits@retirementconcepts.com or call 604-472-4151 for visitation. Please include your name, contact telephone number, and name of resident in your email. Allow 24-48 hours for reply.


If at any time, your loved one is contact traced or starts to exhibit symptoms, you will be contacted by phone and informed of the next steps.



**Delivery hours are between 9 am-4 pm Monday-Saturday**

All deliveries will be received at the lobby entrance. All items will be sanitized and delivered directly to the residents’ suite.

  1. Please use plastic bags, not reusable bags;
  2. Please label all bags with the resident’s name, suite number, and date it was packaged;
  3. If you are dropping off food for your loved one, according to Fraser Health’s directive the items must be non-perishable ONLY (must be consumed immediately, we cannot store any non-dried goods).
  4. If possible, please sanitize the items before dropping off. We will re-sanitize as well to be safe.


Just a reminder: Contact Information of Team Members:


General Manager -Joyce Halliday-Off site



Director of Care -Melissa Palana



Resident Care Coordinator -Cheri Robertson-Interim



Support Services Manager -Gord Dyck



Dietician -Eli Balouchi



Recreation Manager -Michelle Vickers



Finance -Linda Fabio



Maintenance -Paul Tomkins



Marketing -Melissa Toth



Family Visit Appointments -Fran / Leo



Reception -Zhongshu Luo



Dufferin Care Centre Team