Hello families and friends of Dufferin Care Centre,


As of today, December 8th 2020, we have no new cases, no swabs out and as such, we have been removed from the outbreak watch!


Thank you to everyone for your continued support and diligence in keeping everyone safe!


We are happy to say that the dining room will be open as of this evening for all to enjoy.


We will resume visitation tomorrow, December 9, 2020. For bookings of any visitation or If you would like to book a Facetime visit with your loved one please email dcc-familyvisits@retirementconcepts.com.


We will be returning to our weekly email updates at this time. These communications are also posted to our website each day after they are sent out to you. If you have other family or friends that want to be updated, please feel free to direct them to www.retirementconcepts.com.




All deliveries will be received at the lobby entrance vestibule. This includes medication deliveries from pharmacies, other gifts and mail. All items will be held in isolation for 24 hours, sanitized and delivered directly to the residents’ suite.


When dropping items off, we would ask that families please follow the following guidelines to ensure loved ones will receive their deliveries in a timely manner:

  1. Please use plastic bags, not reusable bags;
  2. Please label all bags with the resident’s name and suite number;
  3. In consideration of staff-to-resident priorities as well as infection control, please try to limit drop offs to essential items; and.
  4. If possible, please sanitize the items before dropping off. We will re-sanitize as well to be safe.


We wish to thank families and loved ones for their patience and cooperation in helping us get here today.


Any questions or concerns please contact Joyce Halliday at 604-472-4150 or jhalliday@retirementconcepts.com.