October 28 2020

Dear Long term care Families

We are pleased that the outbreak at White Rock Seniors Village has been declared over and we have begun phase 2 in the step down process

We have started to bring some of our residents to our main dining room for meals and will

add residents according to the guidelines provided to us

As we slowly and safely follow the step down guidelines, we ask that you continue to be patient as we reintroduce programs including on site visitations beginning November 1 2020

We will be doing these visits in our dining room so there is a limit as to how many we can do each day however, we will be doing our best to accommodate everyone’s requests

Our visitation coordinators will prescreen you over the phone and give you details on how to visit your loved ones safely.

To limit exposure during these visits and as directed by the BC Centre for Disease control, there needs to be one designated family member or friend for every resident. You might have already had a call regarding this request as we are updating our designated visitor and contact lists.

If you have not yet provided this information, please call our visitation coordinators at the number listed below.

To book an onsite, window, face time or skype call, please contact our Visitation coordinators between 9:00 – 5:00 pm 7 days a week by calling 604-541-4663 ext 215 or email them at


For any concerns, please contact us by calling our main number 604-541-4663





As always, be safe, be calm and stay informed.

From The White Rock Seniors Village Team