May 17 2021

Hello friends and families of our Long term care residents and Independent Living residents of White Rock Seniors Village

We are sending this email to you today to inform you that we have had one staff member test positive for COVID -19. The staff member last worked on Sunday May 16 2021.

We have contacted the health authorities as well as our COVID response team and while we wait for official direction, we are putting in place our “Enhanced Monitoring” protocols.

Enhanced monitoring means we are not on outbreak but rather heightened watch at the current time.

Effective immediately:

-All recreation and visitation is paused.

-All staff and residents will remain in their areas. No cross-over

-Enhanced cleaning of all areas

-Enhanced wellness monitoring of staff and residents

-Any contact tracing required

Deliveries can be dropped off at our screening door but please make sure the items are sanitized and well labeled. Please no perishable items.

We will keep you informed of any changes in our status and if your family member is affected, you will be notified directly.

Please do not call the site unless it is an emergency as our efforts will be concentrated on making sure our residents remain safe and comfortable as we ensure all of our protocols are in place.


Thank you for your patience and understanding

The White Rock Seniors Village team