June 15 2020


Hello Independent Living Residents Families,


Again we would like to say thank you for your love from a distance. We remain Covid free.


As we look forward to changes in the future, at this moment we still have the same rules & guidelines in place.


Recreation is going well and we are keeping it safe by continuing to offer small group social distanced exercise classes, art groups, brain games and other activities. There are weekly and weekend triva/quiz challenges as well. Some folks have turned it into a family game over the phone to help get their answers, so feel free to encourage your loved ones to join in the fun. Most recently we have started chair Zoomba!  It’s a hit!



Please remind your family member to sign up in the book and join in on the activities.


Encourage a walk in the neighborhood or to sit outside and enjoy the weather when it’s nice.


Thank you again from all of us here at White Rock Seniors Village