We are happy to announce that we will be installing a new elevator a the Waverly Residential Care.  This elevator will not replace but be an addition to our existing elevator.  For those of you with us a year and a half ago, you will remember the difficulties we had a Christmas with an elevator break down.  The new elevator is a small one that will be located at the end of the nursing station.  If you are coming in currently, you will see lines on the floor marked out.


The first day of renovations will be very noisy so we will be planning for residents to be away from the noise.  If you are able to take your loved one out for even a few hours it will help with the disruption that will be happening.   Jocelyn will be trying to plan an outing for a period of the day and if the day is sunny we might use the outside patios as well.  If you have any concerns or ideas please stop by and let us know.


The date is to be determined as we must receive an approval from the Health Authority before we begin work.  We will keep you posted.


We are aware that some residents and families wish to have their pets visit again.  We are able to move forward with this with the guidelines in place.  When booking please let us know you will be bringing in a pet.  The following guidelines need to be followed:




Everything else is going well and we are happy to serve you.