December 31, 2020


Dear Families of Waverley Seniors Village Residents;


May your New Year be filled with great things, kindness and caring.


Here is a quick update to all.  We have started to receive information about the Covid 19 vaccine for residents.  Nurses will be reaching out to obtain consent from the decision makers for our residents to receive the Covid 19 vaccine.  They have also started faxing the doctors in order to obtain the physicians order to proceed.


We do not have a date for the onsite vaccinations yet but we are hoping to hear very soon.


Jocelyn (Recreation Manager), Brad (Administrative Staff), and I held the last Family Council Meeting of 2020 yesterday at 1630.

We provided an update on COVID and answered questions that council members had.  Some of the questions were regarding how to get a clinical update of your loved one (please call the nurses), and progress of vaccinations (the information above I just read this morning).


Jocelyn then spoke to the different activities that her team will be hosting over the coming month and she spoke to how the activities have evolved over the past year to ensure social distancing and safety is maintained through the activities.  Jocelyn’s team provides activities on both units in Residential Care and the Assisted Living Building.  There is a walking club, reading club, brain games, designing women, exercise groups, hymn sings and other great therapeutic activities.


Lastly, I want to let you all know that the staff member who tested positive is doing well, and we are very thankful that this staff member was employing great hand hygiene and wearing PPE.  It was through this due diligence that we did not have any positive residents or staff.  It is a reminder to us all that PPE and Hand Hygiene really do play a key role in stopping the spread of COVID.


Have a small yet fun New Years!







The Waverley Seniors Village Team