May 5th, 2020

Good day to you all,

I hope this update finds you all healthy and well!  Things are moving along, and we are about 7 weeks into the COVID measures, here in our Community.

This week we will start rolling out some activities for our residents in AL. We will be hosting the doorway happy hour as well as doorway Bingo. We will also begin to plan activities in very small groups (5 or less) while respecting social distancing during the activity.  We are hoping that this will help address some of the isolation that residents are feeling during this time.

On the Assisted Living side, residents still come down to get their mail and a coffee and continental breakfast. Everything remains individually wrapped and the residents are happy to see us when they are coming down. Their smiles and positivity are infectious.

Several of the residents are still taking their walks around the Community and the grounds are all in bloom right now. This Community really does have such a lovely outdoor area and it is breathtaking this time of year. They express their gratitude at every opportunity for the hard work the staff are doing to keep them safe.  It is such a pleasure to be of service to this special group of people.

The Long term care residents are very settled.  Each day when I drop in to visit them on the units, they are often engaged in conversation, talking about the weather, their families, and their memories.  Many of them love the opportunity to tell stories from their past, their childhoods and experiences from all over the world.  What an interesting group of people, and I absolutely love their stories and some of them are quite colourful!

In long term care we will be moving from 4 units down to three as discussed in our family calls.  The families of those that will be moving will be contacted in the next 48 hours.  We will do all we can to ensure a smooth transition for all, and to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable.

The pizza and cake party was a huge success, and it was so nice to see our team come together (in a social distancing way) with big smiles and appreciation for everyone.  I cannot say it enough, this team has been amazing caring for your loved ones, and we are so appreciative of their commitment.

In closing, I would just like to add that while we will be attempting to come up with some solutions for small groups of visitors, I would kindly ask that all friends and family respect the direction we will be giving moving forward.  All measures that we are currently taking are necessary and have resulted in the building remaining COVID negative. We have done this together as a team with all of you, and we certainly appreciate your commitment in assisting us make this happen.  We know you are all missing your loved ones, and are working towards some compromises that we think will be beneficial for everyone.  Please stay safe, enjoy the sunshine and know that “This too shall pass”

Stay safe and be well.

Christy Baker

General Manager