May 11th, 2020


Good day to you all and Happy Tuesday to everyone!

Mother’s day was a lovely day here in the Community. A carnation was presented to all the ladies, and a lovely brunch was delivered to everyone’s suite in AL. On the LTC side, flowers were passed out as well, all the ladies received a card and the same brunch.


A very warm thank you to Sylvia in the Recreation department for organizing and scheduling the door and tablet visits. She works tirelessly along with her team to ensure that you are getting as much time with your loved ones as we can possibly spare. They stretch themselves as far as they can to ensure they are doing all they can to give you some much needed time together. Thank you so much Recreation team, your hard work has not gone unnoticed.


The Assisted living side have been outside as much as they are able. They take some walks around the property, or with a friend while respecting social distancing. We are still asking that visits to the site or the Community remain essential services only. We received some complaints over the weekend about families coming by and picking up their loved ones, sitting in their car and then getting out of the car hugging and kissing their families. We must stress again, please refrain from any unnecessary contact at this time. This is important to the health and safety of all on site. The restrictions to Long term Care Communities have not been lifted. We will be sure to let you know when and how restrictions have been lifted as soon as that is communicated to us. The medical health officer has not lifted restrictions to long term care communities. Please be mindful that we are taking these measures to ensure the overall health and safety of everyone in the building and yourselves as well.


We did have some hallway happy hours last week, and there will be more this week. This was on the assisted living side. It went quite well, and there was music and some laughs, which everyone needed I am sure. Sylvia prepared some portioned snacks that were in a Ziploc baggie, so they were still able to have a snack with their beverages.


While Mother’s day was not the special and big celebration that it usually is here with live music and a buffet, it was definitely celebrated and the true appreciation for one another was evident throughout the day.


We are also receiving a lot of questions about a hair dresser. Our hairdresser is not yet permitted to be on site. As soon as this is approved, we will be sure to let you all know by way of this update. We do post these updates over in the AL side of the building near the mailboxes. If your loved ones are asking questions, feel free to let them know they can glance at the board while they are getting their mail.


We are thinking of you all often, and I hope all of you Mother’s had a lovely Mother’s day.


Take care all, and be safe and well.


Christy Baker

General Manager