Stanford Seniors Village Community Update, May 29 2020


Hello Everyone:


We hope you are all staying safe and healthy and enjoying these beautiful sunny days.


We continue to appreciate all that you and your loved ones are doing to heed the precautions put in place to alleviate risk of exposure to COVID-19.


I am relieved to tell you that there are no cases of reported outbreak nor signs nor symptoms of COVID-19 in any of our residents or staff here at Stanford Seniors’ Village.


Should the status of this community change in any respect, please know that we will immediately contact families.

A gentle reminder that although some restrictions have begun to relax, we are still following the direction of our provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, and our no visitor policy remains in place. We understand your eagerness to come and visit your loved ones but at this time our no visitor policy remains the same. Thank you for understanding during this difficult period of time.


Kindly note that you may also click on the following link to view any updates. https://www.retirementconcepts.com/category/stanford-seniors-village/



We are following the direction of our public health officials to the letter, and have full infection prevention and control precautions in place. Staff continue to monitor residents closely and are ensuring the following protocols are being adhered to:


Recreation Program

Our recreation staff are continuing to have social interactions on a one to one basis with residents. This includes a variety of crafts, word games and memory puzzles, facetime and skype calls with loved ones. If you would like to facetime or skype your loved one please email your request to:

stanford-recreation@retirementconcepts.com. Our recreation team will do their best to fulfill everyone’s request as often as time permits. We appreciate your understanding to limit the calls to 15 -30 minutes. Smaller group activities will be starting up soon were we can continue to maintain the social distance rules.


For Independent Living and Assisted Living please email your facetime and skype call requests to rtranberg@retirementconcepts.com and we will be happy to confirm a date and time to connect you with your loved one.

Exercise class in Independent Living/ Assisted Living has been well received. We are excited to say more social distancing programs will be starting June 8th. Residents will be required to sign up for these activities in advance with a max of 5 residents per group and will be pre-screened prior to the programs starting. Bingo, brain games, crafts and small walking groups are some of the activities we are excited to introduce. Physical distancing and sanitization will be in place during all activity programs.


Independent Living and Assisted Living Dining Room

The dining room still remains closed at this time. The hot cart delivery service to the resident doors is working really well, lunch delivery starts at approximately 11:45 and Dinner at 4:45.


Activity Wagon:

The Activity Wagon has been well received. On the wagon residents found a variety of crafts, word games, memory puzzles, magazines, books, stationary and cards and paint by number. Residents are able to choose a craft of their choice. The Activity Wagon will be going around every Thursday afternoon.


If Required:

All deliveries will be received at the front desk between 7:00am – 5:00pm. This includes groceries, medications, gifts. All will be sanitized and delivered directly to the resident’s suites.

Dropping items off: We would ask that families please follow these guidelines to ensure your parent or loved one to get their deliveries in a timely manner.

  1. Please use plastic bags, no reusable bags
  2. Make sure to label all bags with resident full name and room number
  3. Try to limit drop offs to essential items. There are days when staff are overwhelmed trying to keep up
  4. Please sanitize, if possible, the items before dropping off. We will re-sanitize as well to be safe


Reminders for your loved one to Stay Safe:

Again, the following four points are so critical to discuss with your loved ones. Please help us by reminding each resident daily of the following four items:

  1. Practice social distancing (6 feet apart)
  2. Perform proper Hand Hygiene (Wash hands frequently for 20 seconds with the alcohol-based sanitizer or soap and hot water) 20 second or greater is so important.
  3. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  4. If exhibiting any symptoms (fever, cough and difficulty breathing) please alert staff immediately.


A big thank you to everyone for working so hard to keep Stanford safe and healthy, as well as for the kindness, understanding and support you share.

We want you to know how much we appreciate your kind words, all of which are shared with the entire Stanford Team.


With Love,

The Stanford Seniors Village Team