Sunday October 25 

Good Morning  Family and Friends of Rosemary Heights:

Today, we remain at 2 confirmed cases of COVID 19 in our resident population on the Long term care 2nd floor-West Wing.  There are no other residents experiencing new symptoms nor any new confirmed cases in any resident.  

The one resident that sadly passed yesterday morning, that was showing symptoms congruent with a current condition; the results of their 2nd test has come back negative.  

Our 2 staff members with confirmed cases of Covid 19 are at home in isolation. We are still waiting on ONE additional staff swab test result.  We will let you know these results when we receive them.

All residents have been isolated in their rooms where meals are delivered, and they are monitored closely.

I would like to express special thanks to our incredible team members, residents and families for your continued calm, support and daily encouragement.  It is truly appreciated.  Staff morale is high, and their positive attitude is passed on to our residents.

We have cohorted staff to work only on their designated floors and units to avoid cross contamination.  As far as we are aware, there was no contact between long term care and independent living or assisted living floors.  At this time, Independent and assisted living residents are still able to come and go (but no inside visitors), although that may change according to Fraser Health  protocols for outbreak communities.  If there are changes to Fraser Health Authority protocols, we will let you know.  Currently, all in-person visitations have been halted, and in-person, window visit, skype and facetime visitations are currently on hold during the outbreak.  

Please know that we will only contact family members by phone that have loved ones that test positive.

Background information:

On October 16th we were informed that a case of COVID-19 was confirmed involving a staff member at Rosemary Heights Seniors Village.  Their last day of work was October 15th on the second floor of the East Wing.

Fraser Health Authority was contacted and have been on site. We have implemented our COVID outbreak protocols.

Fraser Health Authority has tested residents of the 2nd floor, as well as all staff.

The 2 confirmed cases are in the West Wing.

All other resident swabs to date, have come back negative.

Flu shots are postponed until the Outbreak has ended.  Please rest assured all precautions are being taken to keep everyone safe and healthy.

We have isolated 2nd floor Long term care residents under droplet precautions.  We continue to monitor all residents for any symptoms.


As a result of the one confirmed case of COVID-19, we will provide families with a daily email update that will also be posted under covid updates on our website.  We will phone those who do not have e mails. Should the condition of any resident change, their family will be notified by phone immediately.


BC’s Medical Health Officer and CDC have been notified.  We are following protocols established by the Health Authority, the Office of the Provincial Health Officer and BC Center for Disease Control.

We will continue to act upon their latest advice, and will adapt our operations as necessary and recommended.


All deliveries will be received at the lobby entrance vestibule. This includes medication deliveries from pharmacies,  other gifts and mail. All items will be held in isolation for 24 hours, sanitized and delivered directly to the residents’ suite.  Groceries for Independent and assisted living may still be delivered.

When dropping items off, we would ask that families please follow the following guidelines to ensure loved ones will receive their deliveries in a timely manner:

  1. Please use plastic bags, not reusable bags;
  2. Please label all bags with the resident’s name and suite number.
  3. In consideration of staff-to-resident priorities as well as infection control, please try to limit drop offs to essential items; and.
  4. If possible, please sanitize the items before dropping off. We will re-sanitize as well to be safe.


We wish to thank families and loved ones in advance for their anticipated patience and cooperation.   Emails or calls may not be returned as quickly as normal as we work with health authorities to ensure constant care for the residents.