Good morning to our families & friends of Rosemary Heights,

I am so happy to share we have been officially declared out of the Enhanced monitoring outbreak.  All activities can resume, please see below on how to request in person visits or video calls.  We will reopen the Assisted living dining room today for lunch onwards.

It has been an emotional couple of weeks  (& year) and I cannot say THANK YOU enough to our extended families & our residents for your support and encouragement.

And I wanted to take this time to say thank you so much to all of our team members for all your hard work, dedication, compassion and support during this difficult time.


2nd dose of the COVID 19 vaccine is scheduled for all Rosemary Heights residents on Tuesday Feb 23rd.  Any new resident that moved in Jan 13th onwards and has not received their 1st dose of the vaccine will receive the 1st dose on this day; the care team will reach out to you to seek consent if required.  Every resident that received the 1st dose will automatically receive the 2nd dose unless no consent was given or the resident is not ineligible.  Any essential visitor that was given their 1st dose at RHSV, you will receive a call, text or email from Fraser health providing you directions on how to book your 2nd dose vaccine.

Visitor Policy Reminder

Have a great weekend everyone, next update will be next Thursday

Take care, and let’s take care of each other.

Yours in hospitality,

Maggie, GM