Hello family & friends of Rosemary Heights!

We have just been informed that an outside essential service worker who worked at Rosemary Heights Seniors Village December 4th, 2020 has tested positive for Covid-19.  This worker has not worked since Dec 4th and the worker was wearing PPE at all times, and was in minimal contact with residents.  They are isolated and recovering at home.
Public Health was notified immediately on Sunday evening.  We have spoken with Public Health as well as the Medical Health Officer, and as they deem us low risk, they are not declaring an Outbreak. This could change should any further cases appear. They will continue to monitor us for the next while.

We were also notified that a resident may have been exposed while at an essential appointment last Friday Dec 11th and this resident is under 14-day droplet isolation & monitoring.

At this time, we will be closely monitoring for any symptoms and will test for COVID should any symptoms emerge.

We would like to thank you for all for your understanding, patience and support.

Fortunately, we can continue with all family visitations, delivery drop off and recreation programs. Unless essential, we ask all residents to cancel any outside unessential appointments.
We will continue with updates to the families and if anything changes please know we will notify you immediately.  If your loved one tests positive for COVID you will receive a phone call from the nurses.

Please know that the care and safety of residents is our number one priority, and that we treat this situation very seriously


Stay Safe, stay calm, & stay kind.

– Your team at Rosemary Heights Seniors Village (RHSV)