Hello Everyone!

We are happy to report today we have no new resident or staff displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 here at Rosemary Heights Seniors Village.

We are so very close to be released from our monitoring, and we have been advised by FH & MHO that we still need to adhere the safety protocols until ater this week if no other issues arise.

The focus is on long term care floors (both 1st & 2nd).  We have been advised to cancel all recreation programs, in person visits, and cohort residents on their respectful floors with dining rooms remaining open for now, if this changes please note we will notify you immediately.

Please note if your family member displays any symptoms related to COVID, they are isolated immediately & tested, should you loved one test positive for COVID 19 you will get a direct phone call.

We are not permitted to have any visitors into the building (this includes assisted living & long term care) at this time except for essential visitors. Once we get cleared I will provide the direction on how to book in person visits, the goal will be for later this week.


Residential Care:  currently Long term care (LTC) residents are NOT permitted to leave on any social visits per the MHO & Fraser Health to minimize any possible exposure into the community unless it is deemed essential (doctor’s appointment only).

The exposure DOES NOT impact any assisted living residents at this time.

Assisted Living (AL) residents will be permitted to leave with your family AWAY from Rosemary Heights and NO VISITOR will be permitted in the building unless your family member is deemed essential (and they should know if they are).  If the status of RHSV changes, we will let you know,

We strongly recommend all residents follow the current Public Health Officer (PHO) order on gatherings and events.

All residents, please do not visit in the home of a family member or friend at this time

If you have any questions or general inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out.  You can contact Maggie, General Manager at mamirani@retirementconcetps.com or call 778-545-5001.

– Your team at Rosemary Heights Seniors Village (RHSV)