Greetings Friends & Families,

I do hope you are all doing well.

Some of you have been inquiring, so we felt the need to clarify some information about persons coming into the building. No one is enjoying a social visit but there are individuals coming into the building to see their loved ones who are palliative and in their last stage of life. FHA has deemed this visits as essential, so please be kind & compassionate.

There will be no social visits until we get a clear directive from the Public Health Officer, & Fraser Health, which at this time, we have not received.  Once we do get the go ahead, we will notify family members and ensure it’s done in a safe & respectful manner for residents and staff.

As we continue to move through this period of no visitation for residents, following is a number of measures we have undertaken to keep them entertained:

The Recreation staff are conducting one on one visits throughout the day and encouraging physical distancing practices. One on one visits consist of walks (inside & out if weather permits), courtyard walks, exercise class, crafts, trivia, reading, and some gardening. Recreation staff are also supplying the tenants with self-directed activities such as Word Searches, Crosswords, coloring pages and books so they have activities to enjoy in their free time.

At this time, the health authority is not yet permitting a hair stylist within our setting or allowing outings. Sadly, our hair stylist, Rhonda, has made the tough decision to move on from RHSV to be able to support her family.  We have started the process of recruiting for a new hair stylist.  We of course, will ensure we communicate to you once we have news about a replacement.

We will continue to take direction from Public health officer, Fraser health and our Corporate head office to ensure we are protecting the well being of residents & staff at Rosemary Heights.

Please note; we have moved to a weekly family email update schedule.  We will be sending the update every Monday and can also be viewed at: https://www.retirementconcepts.com/covid-19-updates

Should the status of Rosemary Heights change in any respect, please know we will contact families immediately.

Access to Rosemary Heights

Just a reminder to everyone that we remain on lockdown at Rosemary Heights Seniors Village. We know that continues to be an anxious period for residents, families and loved-ones – but we ask that everyone be respectful of this measure, for resident and staff safety.

We continue to ask everyone to be respectful of this measure as it is for resident and staff safety. At NO time is visiting in our main doorway or outside an option. Even if physical distancing and PPE is used. The Public Health Officer in BC is stating we still need to have these measures in place. You will be asked to leave immediately if these precautionary measures are not followed. Thank you for your understanding and helping put your family members and our staff’s health and safety first.

Deliveries and Drop-offs:

All deliveries will be sanitized and delivered directly to the resident’s suites.   Delivery times are below

Monday-Friday 10am-2pm, and Saturday 1-3pm only, closed to all Sunday deliveries:

  1. Please use plastic bags, no reusable bags.
  2. Make sure to label all bags with resident name and room number.  No heavy deliveries
  3. Try to limit drop offs to essential items – as we are inundated with drop-offs.

Please do not drop off items after hours, we do not have staff to be able to accept it and may be left outside until the designated time listed, if you do, you will be taking your chances & we will not be responsible for anything that is left after hours.

Reminders for your loved one to Stay Safe:

Again, the following four points are so critical to discuss with your loved ones. Please help us by reminding each resident daily of the following four items:

  1. Practice social distancing (6 feet apart)
  2. Perform proper Hand Hygiene (Wash hands frequently for 20 seconds with the alcohol-based sanitizer or soap and hot water) 20 second or greater is so important.
  3. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  4. If exhibiting any symptoms (fever, cough and difficulty breathing) please alert staff immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation, understanding and patience as we travel this journey of the new normal together providing a safe and healthy environment for both you and your loved one. 

Stay Safe, stay calm, & stay kind,

– Your team at Rosemary Heights Seniors Village (RHSV)