Dear Family:


I want to start by introducing myself; My name is Camila Nunes and I am the interim General Manager for Renfrew Care Centre – and I am pleased to report that our visitation safety plan has been approved and we can now accommodate designated visits with our residents.


To schedule is easy, just e-mail our recreation department @rcc-recreation@retirementconcepts.com or you can call Recreation office at 604-255-7723 extension 135 – and leave a message. The Recreation team will contact you with an appointment day and time.


If you have questions regards to the visitation, please inquire with the recreation department.

Any compliments, concerns or complaints please e-mail me at cnunes@retirementconcepts.com


Protocols associated with the visitation process includes the following, so please review:


  1. Each family must designate a sole or single visitor. This is the only visitor the resident can experience until the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority informs us of a change to the one visitor policy. The Health Authority has indicated they will review the policy again in August.
  2. Our goal is for each resident to have the opportunity for one visit in a 2 week period, subject to change.
  3. The designated visitor is expected to arrive on time. Only the designated visitor will be admitted to the building once Health Pre-Screen is approved. The only entrance and exit to our building is our front lobby door.  Please wait outside until your time. The visit is mandated as 30 minutes.  Time will not be extended for latecomers.  A staff member will welcome you & guide you through all protocols.
  4. The visitor must bring a clean mask – either medical grade or fabric, as long as it is freshly cleaned or new. VISITORS WITHOUT A MASK CANNOT PROCEED INTO BUILDING. The visitor must put on their mask before entering the lobby pre-screening station and wear it for the entirety of their time in the building (or /if outdoor visits, until they depart).
  5. The visitor must complete the pre-screening process for entry. The following are symptoms that would deem visitors inadmissible as the health of all residents & essential staff are a top priority:

Fever                                                Chills                                                Cough

Shortness of breath                      Runny Nose                                    Sore Throat

Loss of Smell or Taste    Headache                                       Fatigue

Diarrhea                                          Loss of Appetite                            Nausea and Vomiting

Muscle Aches

Exposure to someone with a suspected positive COVID-19 case

Anyone who has been traveling outside of Canada


  1. Your temperature will be taken and recorded, and Designated Visitor will sign in, noting time. If any symptoms are present the visit must be cancelled. If you are not well, please call in advance to notify us, and do not come for the visit. We will reschedule, as the health of all residents & essential staff are a top priority:
  2. The visitor will perform hand sanitizing before and after the visit, as well as if he or she touches their face during the visit. Sanitizer will be provided.
  3. Physical distancing of 2 metres will be observed at all times.
  4. No physical contact can be made between the resident and the visitor.
  5. Visitation Stations furnishings will be positioned with mandated 2 metre social distancing in place; seating across the table from the resident is to be maintained during entirety of visit.
  6. No food items are permitted.
  7. Any gifts will be subject to sanitization prior to presentation to the resident.
  8. A RCC staff member will be present at all times.
  9. Smile with your eyes and enjoy your visit! Welcome!


Please Note: Non-compliance of any of the above will result in stoppage or cancellation of visit.  Visits may be cancelled due to operational concerns or if an outbreak of any kind is declared.


Enhanced sanitizing of furnishings and high touch points will occur between scheduled visits to ensure the health & safety of residents & designated visitor. *Resident care includes temperature check & hand sanitize pre and post visits by RCC team.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  We are looking forward to seeing you all again!


Marivic Tamo | Recreation Aide