Hello Everyone,


Thank you all for your continued support, patience and understanding. Like everyone, we are looking forward to getting past this COVID chapter.

We are currently at 1 resident with COVID. No staff or any other residents are showing any signs or symptoms.

We hope to be able to start step down from Outbreak soon.

When we are at zero cases, we will resume a once a week email update.

We still are under a declared outbreak. It will be cleared based on the Vancouver Costal Health Authorities guidelines.

We understand the below information may seem repetitive, however we want to ensure we communicate often and that our families have quick and easy access to this information should they need to contact us. These communications are also posted to our website after they are sent out to you. If you have other family or friends that wish to be updated, please feel free to direct them to www.retirementconcepts.com

We know everyone is anxious to get back to being able to see their loved ones and we are hopeful to be headed in that direction. It is up to the health authorities to determine when it will be safe to do so and we will update you in these emails.

Everyone has worked so hard, Residents, Families, Staff. The hard work, understanding and patience from  everyone has been key.

If you wish to not receive these daily emails, please let us know. You may still follow the updates on our webpage.

Initial Vaccinations have been rolled out to residents (where family or personal consent was given)as well as staff. The second does will be administered within the required timeframe.

We remind everyone that both doses must be administered for true effectiveness. Please remember that even after, we should be diligent with masks, hand washing and social distancing.

We have now implemented a booking program for phone calls with your loved one. We will be using a cordless phone that a staff member will take to residents which will enable us to ensure proper sanitization between uses. To book your time, Please email Rcc-recreation@retirementconcepts.com or call 604.255.7723 ext 135. Please be patient as we are expecting this to be a busy program. Thank you so much for your understanding and support.


Dropping off of gifts is possible with a few requirements:

          -Items must be sanitized and be able to be re-sanitized at Renfrew.

          – Please have in a plastic (not a reusable) bag with the name and room number clearly marked

          – No flowers or perishable food items

          – Please only leave during the hours of 10am-5pm to ensure it is received.


If you have any questions, please contact the recreation team at the above email and phone number.


We thank each and every one of our residents, staff and you, the families and friends, for your continuous support and understanding as we navigate thru this pandemic.

Staff will continue to wear personal protective equipment and we have implemented additional outbreak control measures that aim to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses. This includes placing the second, third, fourth and fifth floors on outbreak precautions and enhanced surveillance to ensure the safety of our residents and staff. We will also limit interactions where necessary, such as meal times (meals will be delivered to resident’s rooms) and visits to Renfrew Care Centre will not be possible at this time.

These measures will continue for the foreseeable future to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

VCH Public Health continues to work closely with Renfrew Care Centre to determine which staff and residents may have been exposed in order to prevent further infections. We assure you that if your family member, or person you are the primary contact for, is diagnosed with COVID-19 you will be contacted directly by phone and they will receive the care they need.

We have heard concerns from some families about possible language barriers. We do have several staff that speak multiple languages and they do communicate in the language most comfortable for the resident whenever possible.

We recognize that this is a challenging time and we appreciate your patience and support. Please know that we will keep you informed about the safety and well-being of your loved ones. We remain committed to the health and safety of residents, families and staff and we are all working diligently to control this outbreak.

For further information on COVID-19 visit the Vancouver Coastal Health information page http://www.vch.ca/covid-19 or call HealthLink BC by dialing 8-1-1.

For families with any outstanding questions, or who require emotional support or assistance navigating the Healthcare System, please contact the PHC/VCH LTC Family Support Line at 1-844-824-2219 or 604-875-4953.  Please note that the PHC/VCH LTC Family Support Line cannot provide specific resident status reports.

For information regarding the status of a resident at Renfrew Care Centre, please contact

Ying Chow, General Manager, Renfrew Care Centre, at: 604-216-2330 (direct line) or 604-255-7723 ext 145


Alternatively, you may also contact Simi Sharma, Regional Director of Operations at ssharma@wcshm.com or 1-604-375-0774