May 28, 2020

To our extended family,

We would like to congratulate you on holding on up to this point, since the pandemic started. We may not always feel the best or the most positive, but we are all trying our best.

As a Province, we have experienced many losses during this pandemic. Lives lost due to the virus, some of our freedom restricted, spending time with friends and family has been limited, daily routines have been disrupted, and our emotions have been going for a roller coaster ride. Remember that you are not alone. We will keep on singing the mantra We are all in this together.

Though the number of hospitalized patients continues to be stable and there have been more recoveries by the day, as of yesterday, B.C. had eleven more new cases of COVID-19.

We continue to implement the No Visitation Policy at this time, as communities similar to ours are still experiencing outbreaks. As much as possible, we would like to keep COVID out of the facility and keep Peace Portal Village free from any outbreaks.

Infection control and prevention protocols and precautions remain in place, including daily symptom monitoring for staff and residents. We continue to commit to the One-Site Policy for staff to avoid community transmission of infection. Regular enhanced sanitation routines are in place. Physical distancing in the facility is implemented. We continue to do audits and educating our staff on hand hygiene, use of PPE, Infection Prevention and Control. Close collaboration with Fraser Health


Authorities, West Coast Seniors Housing Management Pandemic Response Team and Worksafe BC. We ensure that we always have enough supplies of personal protective equipment and that they are properly and appropriately used in the building.

Please continue to help and support our little Peace Portal Seniors Village community by staying in touch with your loved ones. Our staff is prepared to assist you in reaching out with our residents. Kindly arrange prior with the recreation or nursing staff your calls, face time, window visits, dropping off stuff  to avoid disruption to on-going care or procedures.

Thank you for doing your part in this fight against the pandemic.



Be kind and stay safe,

Jessica Obra, RN interim GM and

Your Peace Portal Seniors Village Family