To our extended family,

The Corona virus pandemic has taught us that although we have much to lose, we also have much to gain. It has been an unprecedented time for us. This adversity has flipped our lives upside down and forced us to adapt to a new norm.

We are aware that you are eager to connect with your loved ones in person. And we thank you for your patience with us and for understanding the need to restrict visitors from entering Peace Portal Seniors Village at this time, as recommended by our Public Health Officer. We call for you to continue to persevere with us, as family, to take all precautions in containing the virus, especially as restrictions in B.C. ease up.

We as a team are planning to start a small group activities soon, minding social distancing, cough etiquette, hand hygiene etc. It is too early to let our guards down.  Your efforts to help us keep everybody COVID-Free are well appreciated.

Although we dread being cooped up, for many families outside of our environment, it has meant that parents now have the luxury to spend time with their children at home. People are making an effort in making healthy home-cooked food. Individuals gained time to engage in self-care activities that would otherwise be “too time-consuming” for their lifestyle. Mother Earth got a chance to recuperate; the waters are clearer and the air much cleaner.

It has become a time for reflection for all of us. It has given us an opportunity to re-evaluate our priorities and recognize the most valuable treasure we have is our family.




Thankfully, no staff member nor resident at Peace Portal Seniors Village is showing any signs and symptoms of COVID. We will continue to do our daily screening of staff and residents. Our virtual hugs to all!


Be kind and stay safe,

Jessica Obra

Your Peace Portal Seniors Village Family