April 29, 2020

Dear Families and friends,
We are sending all of you virtual hugs from Peace Portal Seniors Village Family!
We are sure that you are all on the count down when this lock down is going to end? We all are wishing as well for an end to all the huge sacrifices that we all face and do work hard for. Despite of all
the uncertainties, we are pleased to let you all know that to this day….WE ARE COVID-FREE and nobody’s sick, residents or staff. We will continue to adhere to the Provincial Health Officer’s order and follow Fraser Health Authority’s mandate and guidelines.
Protocols in place:
 Single site staffing
 Sufficient number of staff working to meet the residents’ care needs
 Wearing PPE in giving care to residents who are sick or on isolation
 Putting on mask and googles during resident’s care and while on their premises
 Ensuring enough supplies of PPE to last for a week at minimum
 Ensuring visitor of a dying loved one wears PPE and stay only in loved ones’ room
 All staff are being assessed by the nurse or manger to ensure they are 100% healthy before starting their shift.
 Staff are changing home clothes to work clothes on site before shift starts
 Staff are updated re: information from Fraser Health Authorities and Corporate Pandemic Response Team.
 Acting General manager and Acting DOC readily available for any support
 Facility Medical Director can be reached easily by cellular phone
 Medical and food supplies are sufficient
To those of you who are not aware of the new management team yet, please note that we are here to give full support to each other and guarantee all the necessary concerns and issues are dealt with as soon as possible. At your service are the following:
Jessica O., RN acting General Manager
Nancy E., RN acting Director of Care
Sandra K. Recreation Manager
Maria O. Registered Dietitian
Kathy G. Administrative Coordinator
Marlene N, Community Relations Manager
Rick C., Maintenance Manager
Steve C., Support Service Manager
Julian L., receptionist/scheduler
Preety S., receptionist/clerk

Life is short as we all know, sadly we have few residents who peacefully passed away during the lock down but none of them related to COVID-19.
The recreation department is trying their best to assist residents and go digital. Aside from many other activities we have mentioned last week. Please continue to book an appointment for face time, skype, phone calls or “window visits”.
We thank you all for doing your part staying home and keeping safe, while we try to fill the void in your loved ones heart.