April 24,2020

Dear family/Friends

We hope that everybody is enjoying home and staying safe!

We are happy to inform you that no residents are showing any COVID-19 signs or symptoms. Gratefully staff are also safe and healthy as well to look after all your loved ones. We remain on lockdown, as part of the many precautions we diligently are taking. We can imagine the worry and anxiety you may be experiencing during this trying time. We truly appreciate your understanding and support.

Should the situation of Peace Portal Seniors Village change, rest assured that we will inform families



We adhere to the direction of our public health officials right on point and have implemented full infection and control preventions. Management and staff continue to monitor residents closely and are ensuring the following protocols are followed:

evaluate condition every day.


Recreation Program

The Recreation staff are conducting 1:1 activities such as puzzles, painting, coloring, face timing or skype with families/loved ones, go for a little walk at the back garden for fresh air, do a sing along, or simply just visit. Assisting residents during a family window visits. It is important that you connect with the recreation manager or the staff to book face timing or you want to talk to your loved one on the phone.

Despite of all the challenges, we as a team do try our best to keep all our residents happy and well cared for. Also care conferences are still being done via phone (telecon) and has been successful so far. Facility Medical Director available for any important concerns. Management does inventory of PPE supplies and cleaning items on a daily basis to prevent shortage.

Gentle reminders to stay safe:


We respectfully ask families to limit the calls on to the nurses to check their loved ones no more than  once a day and limit the conversation. We will call and update families about any changes to a particular resident’s status as a matter of courrse. If we do not answer your calls right away, please know we will respond as soon as possible, and know we are doing our priority of making sure your loved one is clean, fed,  safe and comfortable.


Thank you all and we will end with Dr. Bonnie Henry’s message;

Be kind, stay calm and be safe!