We are very pleased to inform all families that Fraser Health Authority officials have now confirmed that Peace Portal Seniors Village is NO LONGER AN ACTIVE COVID-19 SITE. All staff and residents swabbed in the last week have come back negative and families have been informed of their loved ones results.

As we’re more heightened to resident symptoms now, we will continue testing residents that show any symptoms of COVID-19 but unless there is a positive case we will not be communicating with all families. Families of the loved one that is being tested will be contacted via phone or email.

Our last case was cleared on Saturday, October 31st.  Within the next 14 days, it will be critical to follow rigorous infection control and prevention methods for the safety of our residents.

As a result, we will be resuming single visitations by appointment as of late next week and families can contact the following to arrange for visits, facetime, skype or phone calls. The exact date will be communicated by the Recreation team.

You can contact Sandra Kaethler at skaethler@retirementconcepts.com to arrange a day and time.  Please note that limited times will be available, as we are gradually welcoming visitors back into the building and must keep our numbers down.


The dining rooms will also remain closed until after November 16th at which time they will be open at 25% capacity.  The remainder of the residents will be dining in their suites.  The decisions of who is able to go into the dining rooms at this time has been determined in collaboration with the care and nursing needs.

We will restore resident’s recreation programming shortly, and will inform you as the planning is finalized.

As you all will appreciate, we will be moving ahead cautiously, and keeping all current COVID-19 processes and protocols in place to protect residents and staff.

This will include continuing to screen residents twice a day, screen staff for symptoms twice per shift, and apply standard infection prevention measures.

We will continue to act upon the latest advice of Fraser Health Authority, and adapt our operations as necessary and as recommended, to reduce the risk of infection and transmission as much as possible.

Please be advised that this will be the final Daily Update, but we will continue communicating with all families via email on a regular basis, along with Facebook posts – including details as they relate to visitations and recreation activities.

We know this has been an anxious time for everyone.  We would like to close this communication by thanking families for their tremendous support and patience during this difficult period.

We also wish to acknowledge PPSV staff, who have gone above and beyond over the last several months.