Dear Families and Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well.  We would like to update you as to what is happening in terms of Recreation programming at Peace Portal.


We continue to follow safety guidelines that have been provided to us by Fraser Health Authority. We remain on lock down,  pre-screening all staff prior to start of each shift, wearing PPE, hand hygiene, enhanced sanitation and social distancing. Up to this date Peace Portal is COVID-19 free!


As of June 1st we have been running 3-4 programs/day giving us enough time between programs to sanitize the area.  Our groups run with a maximum of five residents per group and we are ensuring that all of our residents are receiving programs that will be most beneficial to them.  We are currently running fitness programs 6 times a week, music programs, crosswords, bingo, creative hands, trivia, Reading & Reminiscing, and small group outdoor luncheons.  We are also continuing to offer family Face time visits, window visits and as of today we are also able to provide Skype visits.


Every Friday afternoon, we offer our Mobile Treat Cart to Residents.  This week we will kick off Father’s Day weekend with an Ice cream float cart (root beer and orange soda floats will be the offered to all).   We will continue Father’s Day Celebrations on Tuesday with our first hamburger BBQ of the year along with ice cream Sundaes for dessert.


If you would like to bring your fathers a treat, they will be passed on to the staff and staff will be glad to deliver to your loved one.

Please remember, if you would like a FaceTime, Skype, phone call or Window Visit, contact Sandy at skaethler@retirmentconcepts.com and we will arrange for a time that works best for everyone.


Thank you again for all the support !!