Hello Everyone:


We hope you are all staying safe and healthy!

NO RESIDENTS are presenting COVID-19 signs or symptoms at Monterey Seniors Village. However, we recognize that this is an anxious time for you and your families, and we hope that by continuing to send out updates, we can provide some reassurance to you on the care of your loved-one.



Vaccination of Influenza

We finished vaccinations for influenza this week. We want to thank the staff and residents that participated in protecting themselves as we move into the flu season. Extra proactive care keeps everyone safe.



Halloween Festivities

This week residents will enjoy participating in a very special Halloween happy hour, costume party and pumpkin decorating!  Prizes will be given away for best costume and decorated pumpkin!



New Safe Visitation Policy and Designated Family/Support Person Visitation List

Visitations have been going well and we thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time.

We have had some challenges in terms of who is a designated family/support person for each resident.  A new policy has been created outlining guidelines, protocols and processes that have been put in place to protect the health and wellness of everyone at Monterey.


As part of this policy, we will be creating an active and up to date list of all designated family/support persons.  We are asking all resident family decision makers to provide us with a list of designated family and support people that are permitted to visit their loved ones.  Please email or call the main reception at receptionmonterey@retirementconcepts.com or 403-207-2929 to provide your list that includes the full name of all designated visitors, inclusive of a phone number and e-mail address.



Visitation Process and Protocols

Just a friendly reminder, visiting hours at Monterey Seniors Village are between 8:00 am–8:00 pm daily, seven (7) days per week.

All visits can be reserved by calling Monterey reception at least 24-hours before your visit, at 403-207-2929 to book your visit.  Unfortunately we cannot accept walk-ins unless it is of an urgent nature.


A reservation is not required if you would like to take your loved one offsite for an appointment, outing or family visit.  Please be aware that all protocols are still in effect when offsite such as full screening, social distancing, continuous masking, not touching your face and hand hygiene.  If a visit is longer than 24 hours, your loved one will be required to self-isolate for two weeks for precautionary reasons.


The following protocols are currently in effect for indoor and outdoor visits:


All items are required to be cleaned and disinfected by the individual or staff screener and left on the designated table outside the main entrance.

Residents and families may wish to show their appreciation to staff and we truly appreciate the kind gesture, however it is Monterey Senior’s Village policy that staff are not permitted to accept gifts of any kind.



Harassment Policy

As visits increase in our community, we would like to remind our visitors that as part of our commitment to resident, family and visitor safety, we are obligated to follow safety protocols.  Screening is in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all and is mandated by Alberta Health. Our reception and screening staff work tirelessly –and unfortunately, somewhat thanklessly –to screen everyone entering the building and instruct visitors on wearing masks, hand hygiene, etc. The success we have had in keeping our community COVID free is a testament to their commitment to resident safety. These dedicated team members deserve our respect and appreciation –so please be kind when asked to check-in at the door. This is not an easy role to take on, and it would mean the world to them if you shared a kind word on the work they are doing to keep us all safe.




We continue to ensure ongoing deep cleaning and sanitization of the entire community, with additional housekeeping staff in all areas of the building, and enhanced cleaning in high touch areas. We will continue to act upon the latest advice of public health officials and adapt our operations as necessary and recommended, to reduce the risk of infection and transmission as much as possible.




Please know that should the condition of any resident change, their family will be notified immediately.